Happy New Year!

I was doing so well -- posting every day! Then came the holidays, and it's been almost two weeks! Sorry about that, but I fully intend to make it up to you by putting something nonsensical or hilarious or beautiful on my blog every day for the rest of this week (and hopefully ever after). For starters, here's my beautiful husband, and me along with him, at his parents' house on Christmas day. We had a lovely holiday, especially me, because I was off work for 13 straight days; perfectly glorious.

Here are some things I did do over the holidays (not necessarily listed in chronological order): ♥ watched no less than 5 Christmas-themed movies, on my couch in my pajamas, occasionally with a lovely, steaming mug of hot chocolate. ♥ was given flowers by my sweet husband, along with some cheesecake he brought home for dessert. ♥ took down our Christmas tree (with great sadness and regret), and relegated all of our lovely ornaments and decorations to the closet for another year. ♥ helped my parents paint their new basement, and consequently suffered incredibly painful soreness in my legs for the ensuing four days (I'm so not in shape). ♥ saw a movie in the theatre that made me cry (yes, actual tears -- wet and everything). ♥ went crazy buying discounted Christmas wrapping papers and accoutrements, which will most likely allow me to wrap presents for the next 27 years.

Here are some things I did not do (not necessarily in chronological order): ♥ cook anything homemade in my own kitchen, after December 23rd. ♥ sing Jingle Bells, even once. ♥ watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas, to my very great disappointment. ♥ make a single piece of jewelry (a girl's got to have a break sometime!). ♥ work on re-stocking my Etsy shop, like I promised myself I would do during the holiday. ♥ plan an interesting "How To" entry for this morning's post, so this is what you're left with. Sorry.

But I'll leave you with another lovely idea, inspiration for the new year. If I had an apartment in Paris (which I intend to do, eventually), here's what it would look like (because in Paris, one is entitled to go a little over the top).

All images Polly Wreford design by Sarah Kaye Representation; see her gallery here.


  1. You're such a softy! I didn't even cry in that movie and I cry during commercials when I'm not 6 months pregnant!


  2. I cannot believe you didn't cry! He's getting younger while everyone he loves is dying around him! Come on, that's really, really sad!

  3. Yay you started a blog! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Taylor and I saw the same movie and yes we too cried.....shhh don't tell Taylor I told you! We both agreed that it was one of the best movies we'd seen in awhile :)


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