How To Be a Pirate

I wrote the following poem during a brief but memorable pirate phase some years ago. (Note: During said phase, I did not dress like a pirate, drink like a pirate, or swear like a pirate, but I did pilfer several pieces of gum and two quarters from my younger brother's pocket. Sorry, Bub; I've repented, and almost saved up enough to pay you back for that.)

Reflections on A Pirate’s Life: An Ode
By Smarmy Eve Dawkins

A pirate’s life’s the life for me!
I’ll wear a sword and sail the sea!
A nasty, snarling thing I’ll be.
My wicked grimace is the key
To making captives pay my fee
Of gold or gems; I’ll shout with glee,
“Pay up, you curs, or you shall see
My wrath, and walk my plank! Your plea
Won’t soften my hard heart! Maybe
If you get down on bended knee,
I’ll reconsider, you scurvy
Knaves!” (But I never do.) A wee
Bit of pirate humor there. (Toothless grin.)
© 2006, SMD Piracy, Ltd.


  1. You my dear are just too darn cute. I loved your poem. Hugs, Terrie

  2. Mike Leach would be so proud of you Sarah! :)

  3. I love pirates as my nursery indicates!! SAM

  4. Too cute, Pink Street...
    hugs, bj

  5. I remember the pirate phase fondly. I've always loved that poem.
    (But I'd say you've just now begun to swear like a pirate :)


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