Favorite Things Friday: I Heart PBS

Nathan and I don't have cable or satellite, so we have limited programming choices in our rare spare time. But we don't mind -- we have all we need: Public Broadcasting. Oh, there are so many reasons I love PBS:
1) It's free!
2) Its programs are educational for children and adults alike.
3) Not a single reality show has ever aired on PBS.
4) Rick Steve's Europe is the bomb, and is a Saturday morning tradition in the Timmons household.
5) I sometimes get a little too caught up in Antiques Roadshow.
6) PBS airs Austin City Limits -- yeah!
7) Besides the emphasis on literacy and education, two things I believe in strongly, I love that PBS also promotes environmental responsibility and draws attention to social justice issues.
8) Masterpiece has to be the greatest program that has ever aired on national TV; Masterpiece Classics are my favorite (complete works of Jane Austen last winter, and Dickens canon coming soon!), but I can't get enough of Inspector Lynley and Agatha Christie's Miss Marple on Masterpiece Mystery.
9) Great Performances brings to my living room Broadway plays and operas that I'd never see otherwise; last week Nathan and I cuddled up on the couch with Cryano de Bergerac (Kevin Kline was fantastic!).
10) This, in itself, is quite reason enough to fall in love with PBS.


  1. Hi, Sarah..
    Mr. SweetNothings watches PBS sometimes..I don't think I ever have. Too busy BLOGGING! tee hee....

  2. We love PBS, too. And, it appears you and I have similar preferences in literature.


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