Road Trip

Woohoo! I'm leaving today, my friends, for a short weekend road trip with my peeps to the lovely Hill Country. No boys allowed!


A Sidenote

Everyone, I just had to mention very quickly that Danni of oh, hello friend, whose beautiful blog I am proud to sponsor, is doing a 2 year blog anniversary giveaway right now that rivals some of the best I've seen. She's offering a new Fuji Instax camera and a $100 gift card to Anthro! Now, consider: wouldn't it be just plain silly not to rush over and enter to win right this second!?

(Images by Danni of oh, hello friend.)

Floral Flair

I'm wishing today that I could paint my dining room floor to look just like this.

A fabulous Before and After project spotted on Design*Sponge. See before and in-progress photos here.


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Uncommon

I was reminded today by seeing Uncommon's Wood Doily Clock on the Etsy front page of how much I love their work. I love how they seamlessly pair clean lines with vintage shapes and designs. All of the following have made it into my favorites, and someday, with any luck, will also make it into my home.

I can't get over those charming wood doily coasters. How cute would my Cath Kidston mugs be resting on those little beauties!?



Hello there, friends! Lovely to see you again. Before the small talk, there are introductions to be made today.
New blog, meet friends. Friends, this is new blog.
I really hope you'll like each other.

So, the story. I've been wanting to revamp my blog for a while now, and after playing around Friday evening and screwing my existing template up completely, I decided that the time had come to just get it done. I solicited the help of my web whiz of a husband, whipped up a little something new in the way of a header and some sidebar graphics, and a couple of hours later, voila! I was going for a look that matches the new business cards I designed a couple of months ago.

So please let me know what you think! Is it an improvement over the old design? Is it too busy? Do you have suggestions for other changes or special features?

I'd really love to hear your thoughts, on the blog, or your weekend, or anything else! And thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you'll come back often.


Decisions, Decisions

Hmmm. A difficult dilemma, indeed.
Which should go on my birthday list this year, friends: aqua, pink, or cursive?

Which would you choose?


Pink Street Special

My dear readers,
Just a note to announce that I'm having a Summer Sale to try and clear out some items in the shop to make room for lots of new ones I'll be introducing this fall. The basic sale consists of a 15% discount off of your entire purchase, but for those of you who are readers and followers of my blog, I'm extending an additional 5% discount -- that means you get 20% off of the total of any order from pink street design, including headpieces and already on sale items! Just include a Message to Seller letting me know that you read and follow my blog, and you'll receive the extra discount!

Thanks for reading, friends!


A few facts about me which should act as a preface to this post:

1. Reading is one of my favorite things in this world. It's in the top five on my "Things that make me really happy" list.
2. I collect books. Old ones, with beauty and character and that special old book smell.
3. In my dream house there is a loft library with tall windows, cushy arm chairs and ottomans, and a rolling ladder to reach the upper shelves.
4. I sometimes wish I wore glasses just so people would say I look "studious."
5. My favorite heroines are the ones who adore books as much as I do.

If you're one of those people too, I hope you'll enjoy the following:


Daily Drop Cap




Go Forth

And have a



I had so much fun choosing my favorites from designer Jessica Hirsche's beautiful blog full of Daily Drop Caps. Go and see them all for yourself!


Favorite Things Friday

My husband's taking me out tonight. Date nights are my favorite.
And so are these things:

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend filled with your favorite things.


DIY Thursday: Chiffon Flowers

What a busy week I've had! What, you ask, have I been doing with myself these past few days? Well, I've been eating what seems like truckloads of birthday desserts with ma famille, working on some new pieces soon to be introduced at August Art Trail and in my Etsy shop, and enjoying having my husband all to myself again! (Take that, TTU Graduate School!)

And I've also been inspired and excited to try out some DIY projects lately as well. The one I'm featuring today was posted on Project Wedding and created by Livy Kanaley, who I'm sure you've all noticed I have a fairly advanced and serious girl crush on. Feast your eyes on these dreamy chiffon and tulle flowers.


You'll find full instructions for the DIY here on Project Wedding.

(All photos taken by Livy Kanaley of A Field Journal.)


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