I Keep Telling Myself

And I'm pretty sure that's true. But probably not for a while yet.
Please be patient with me. I'll be back soon.

{image and design © Jen Renninger of the fabulous Etsy shop PleaseBeStill.}


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Olive Manna

I just can't get enough of pretty packaging, so obviously, Olive Manna has been in my list of Etsy favorites for a very long time now.  But this week is a perfect time to feature the shop because Danni over at oh, hello friend has an Olive Manna giveaway going on this week! Check out some of my favorites below, then go straight over and enter the giveaway!


Natalie Jost, the very talented person behind Olive Manna, has a blog, an Etsy shop, and also an independent shop with some different offerings than you can find on Etsy. Happy browsing, and don't forget to enter the giveaway!


DIY Thursday: Sweater Crafts

Although it's still warming up quite a bit during the day here, it's chilly in the mornings, and all I want to do is stay tucked up under the covers, and get out of bed just to cozy up with a blanket and a cup of tea. These ideas for reusing and decorating with your old sweaters from Country Living magazine, seem to evoke just the right atmosphere of coziness for fall. I've chosen a few of my favorites to show you, but you can see the original post on their website for instructions.

Also, I'll take one large library in that lovely weathered oak panelling, please.


DIY: Pretty Wallfowers

What's that? Bright, colorful flowers made out of paper napkins!? Oh, yes!
And more!

I love how the centers are a different color than the outer layers. So cute!
Full tutorial by Dana of Made, where there's lots and lots of other crafty goodness to be found.

{Photos by Dana; spotted via Frenchie and Flea.}


I ♥ EmersonMade (the Studio Tour)

A couple of months ago, the Brooklyn Bride blog featured a studio tour of EmersonMade, and it was spectacular. I think it must be one of the happiest places to work, and I thought you might enjoy the feature too, if you happened not to see it. Here are a few shots, and you can read the interview with Emerson herself over at the original post.

The incredibly talented and really hilarious Emerson and her husband Ryan live on a farm in New Hampshire with fluffy yellow baby ducks and a stuffed mouse. Their amazing home tour was featured on Design*Sponge quite a while ago, and it's just as inspiring. Check out EmersonMade here.


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Helkat Design

I'm such an Anglophile, and a fan, as well, of soft colors and soft cushions. Helkat Design, located in Wiltshire, England, combines all three of these weaknesses of mine into gorgeous pillow covers.

I'm not sure I could narrow them down to even five favorites, but I know I want one.

{All images pulled from the Helkat Etsy shop.}


Maybe I'm just a little bit crazy

... Because I haven't yet exhausted my obsession with aqua, and I'm trying to figure out a way to do something like this to my kitchen:

I just can't get enough. Someone's going to have to stop me.


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