Etsy Treasures Tuesday: Caramelos

Despite the hassle of getting out all of the wrapping paper and ribbon and losing the scissors and the tape under all of the mess, I love wrapping Christmas gifts. It combines so many of the things I like best: beautiful papers, lovely ribbons, precision, and creativity. And I think it's even more special because I only get to do it once a year. Plus, I usually go shopping for Christmas wrap right after the new year, when it's discounted everywhere, and then I put it away in my paper closet, and it's like a wonderful holiday surprise when I take it out again at the end of the year. In honor, then, of my Christmas delight in wrapping my gifts beautifully, I've chosen for my Etsy seller spotlight this week a shop that features all kinds of gorgeous things to make your gifts lovely, Caramelos. Here are just a few of the pretty things to be found in the shop.

And another pretty addition I've used on my packages this year is the very cheap, and very cute Baker's Twine, so named because bakers used to tie up their white boxes full of yummy cupcakes with the traditional red and white version. I bought a cute little six-pack earlier this year at Michael's, which also includes these other lovely variations.

Here's a gift on which I used classic red and white. Isn't it sweet?

I hope that your Christmas is lovely. I don't think I'll post again this week, so my wish for tomorrow and until you visit again is that your holiday is just as merry and bright as it can be.


  1. You are the queen of gift wrapping!

  2. Hey, Sarah...these are all so pretty. I, too, love wrapping gifts beautifully.
    Hope your new year is full of blessings and love...
    Come over to see me sometime...
    xo bj
    aka jean..remember me? Jess's memaw!!


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