Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Paperhill

Paperhill on Etsy offers "Handmade Vintage Inspired Goods for You and Your Home." Located in Buffalo, New York, her shop could just as easily be found in a quaint little antique building in Savannah, Georgia or Fredericksburg, Texas. She sells an eclectic variety of stationary, accessories, jewelry, home decor, and wedding items, and though in many shops this diversification might create confusion, in Paperhill's shop, there's a wonderful loved and lived-in feel to everything there that creates cohesion. Here are a few of my favorites:

These beautiful notecards are actually made from scraps of vintage flocked wallpaper. What a lovely way to say hello.

The first sentence of the description for this Romantic Rose Cuff had me completely hooked: "This romantic cuff reminds me of something that Lizzie from Pride & Prejudice might wear." Yes, please. And speaking of things Lizzie might wear, how charming is this ethereal lace capelet?

It would look absolutely gorgeous over a vintage ivory satin wedding gown, and luckily, Paperhill also offeres a selection of ring bearer pillows created out of vintage laces and trinkets.

I hope you enjoy looking through her shop as much as I do.

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  1. Sarah, thank you so much for the wonderful write up about my shop!


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