How To Make Pink Street More Visible

I have something very exciting to announce today, my friends. I've now officially entered the world of web advertising. This is something I've been kicking around for a very long time, alternating between being afraid to actually take the step and do it, and being afraid that it might create a situation I don't know how to handle (i.e., too many sales -- is that possible?).

But several months ago, I came upon the lovely automatism blog run by Lori L., and have been a follower ever since. Then last month, I happened to get a little more curious, and clicked on the link on her page offering more information on being an automatism sponsor. I made a spontaneous and somewhat out of character decision to email her about it, and she was so kind and understanding of my cluelessness and indecision, that I was prepossessed in favor of the idea despite my cluelessness and indecision. Plus, although this is the first time I've ever considered it seriously, I have looked around some at advertising rates on various design blogs, and Lori's rates are by far the most reasonable I've ever seen, and she doesn't require a contract -- just renewal month to month of my ad if I so choose. So I thought, what have I got to lose?

And this weekend, Nate and I sat down and created a beautiful blinking ad full of actual photos I've taken of some of my new items, and half an hour after I'd emailed it to Lori last night, she had it uploaded on her blog! How wonderful is that!

So please do stop by today and see my lovely little ad on automatism for yourself. Stay awhile and look around, because the blog is truly lovely, and there are all kinds of beautiful images, thoughts, and ideas to be found there.


Pretty Things

I discovered a lovely new blog today, Greatfull Day. Be sure to stop by and see all of the lovelies, and pay special attention to this beautiful post on vintage dresses.


DIY Thursday: Handmade Card

Today's DIY Thursday features a craft project I actually did make myself. I received an order in my Etsy shop this week which was a birthday gift, and the purchaser requested that I send a note with the gift telling the recipient "Happy Birthday from ---." As I'm sure most of you know, handmade cards are my second favorite hobby, behind jewelry, so it was a pleasure to send something special to the birthday girl.

First, I wrapped a plain white box in a fun paper I had laying around. I love wrapping the lids and bases of boxes separately so that you don't have to tear the paper to get into them, and they can be reused perpetually. Then I added some lovely chocolate silk ribbon, and a tag tied with pink and brown baker's twine, embellished with the recipient's initial.

Then, the fun part. I found some coordinating papers that looked lovely with the gift wrap, and just sort of improvised as I went along, which is pretty much my typical m.o. with my cards, in general.

I debated putting this little note on the back of the card, because it seemed a little self-serving. But when you're a small business, you take your advertising opportunities when they present themselves. Plus, everyone loves a discount coupon, right?

Ta-da! Another order shipped, and maybe if I'm lucky, another fan of pink street design!

By the way, something funny -- this order is going to Wilmore, KY! What a small world, huh, Ash?

Wish List Wednesday

I love doing Wish List Wednesday, even though I don't really need any of these things, and I'm perfectly happy without them. But all the same, it's fun to find new lovely things and share them with you so that we can all appreciate the loveliness together.

Cameo tee (back in stock!) at elizandaxel.

We Love Roses print at lovelysweetwilliam.

Gorgeous Mrs. Marshall Weekend Bag in old blue marigold at Lisa Stickley London.Newest CD by The Swell Season, which actually doesn't release until October.

I've been in love with this large linen and leather tote from iragrant for a long time now.

Have a lovely Wednesday, my friends.

Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Royal Buffet

Beautiful, delicate, magical things in the Royal Buffet Etsy shop. Like paper fairy tales.

(All images by Royal Buffet, pulled from the Etsy shop.)


Shop Re-Vamp

My graphic designer (aka, my husband) and I finally had time to sit down, brainstorm, and finish my new Etsy banner this weekend! I'm really happy with it, and even though Mr. Perfectionist says we still have some work to do, I'm just glad to have something a little more thoughtful and polished than my old banner, and one that fits in with the new look of the shop. Stop by and see for yourself, and please let me know what you think! Too girly? Wrong font? Hard to read?

Speaking of the new look of the shop, if you happen to visit, you'll see several new items, just listed this weekend!

How To Add Curb Appeal

I mentioned here a couple of months ago that we'd finally made plans to get the house painted. It took a while for us to set a date with the painters, but they came, sanded, stripped, repaired, painted, de-caged, and ... voila!

Hooray for cute little houses in old neighborhoods. The garage door is finicky, paradise trees regularly attack us and our friendly plantlife, and it's quite true that we've frequently battled plumbing/bug/squirrel/gasline/air duct issues, but it's our little house, and we love it. And it's now the cutest one on the block!

Coming soon: dark brown shutters (handmade, naturally), pots painted red to match the front door for the window box, a climbing English rose on the front, and a healthy hedge trim!


Another Giveaway!

It's just crazy, I know! People are giving things away during a recession!? But yes, it's true indeed, and this is a beauty!

Enter the giveaway on frenchie & flea, and be sure to stop in at UntamedPetals' Etsy shop, where there are many, many more beautiful things to be found.

Couldn't Resist

Posting a note about this giveaway . . .

This seems to me to be complete and total bicycle happiness -- pink rims, vintage style, and a basket! Oh, my goodness, I would ride it everywhere. You must stop over at The Lovely List to try and win it yourself, or just to be inspired by all of the kindness there.

Favorite Things Friday: English Roses

This post by Small Stump and Studio Choo on design*sponge prompted today's Favorites post about garden roses. Just have a look at all of this loveliness.

Some gorgeous English Rose varieties from David Austin Roses (one of which is hopefully soon to be climbing up the front of my newly-painted house!)
A sweet clutch from eightseasons.
A beautiful handcrafted necklace of fabric roses from missrubysue.

An absolutely stunning bouquet incorporating garden roses, anemones, orchids, and tulips, by saipua.

Gorgeous lace and rosette collar from dinosaurtoes.
I hope your weekend is quite as lovely.


DIY Thursday: Tissue Paper Flowers

The tutorial for these beautiful tissue flowers appeared in a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine the year before I got married, and my mom and bridesmaids helped me to make them for our wedding. We hung them over the fireplace at the front of the ballroom where we held both the ceremony and reception, and also from the huge chandelier in the middle of the room -- you can just see them over our heads in a shot of my Dad walking me in.

I love the idea of hanging them for birthday parties and other festive occasions too, and they're really simple (and inexpensive) to make! Here are the basic steps shown in photos, from the Martha Stewart Crafts page, but go here to get a full list of necessary materials and printed instructions as well.


Wish List Wednesday

Some things I'm wishing for today:
Vintage ephemera scrap pack from found paper co.
Beautiful print by kirby.

So cute! wallet by mycutehandbags.

Beautiful decorative tapes from nothingelegant and happytape.

A vintage (reproduction) Diana from urbanoutfitters.

Sweet pink bag from Antrhopologie (on sale!)


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