Debbie Downer

I'm sorry, friends, but I'm not my usual cheerful self today. Despite the fact that it's my birthday month, there's still another Cold Stone Cupcake in the freezer, and husband's being even sweeter to me than normal, I just can't seem to make my smile believable lately. I mostly feel like sagging and moping, and sometimes I want to cry a little too, which is unusual. It's hard to be an optimist when you stop believing.

The pretty vases of fading summer roses and porcelain vine seemed to kind of illustrate my mood lately. I just want to stare at them and not think anymore.

{Images by Sarah of saipua.}


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Inaluxe

I love the fun patterns and vibrant colors featured in the mid-century modern inspired designs of Melbourne-based Kristina and Jason, the team behind Inaluxe.

Stop in at the Etsy shop and check out all of the other designs!
{All Images © Kristina Sostarko & Jason Odd, pulled from the Etsy shop.}


Today I Will .....

I'm happy to have a weekend of more celebrations to look forward to, but at present, it mostly feels like I'm struggling under a miles-long to-do list that has been standing over me for a week now. I really need to get something -- anything -- done, and I just can't seem to catch up. So I'm going to try to make that happen this weekend in the midst of partying it up.

First on my list is a shout-out to my beautiful friend Jessica, whose birthday is today. Together, back in the day, we formed two-thirds of the Park Byron Girls Triumvirate Spectacular, and also, we'd get to have joint birthday parties every year, which was awesome. Happy Birthday, Jess!

{Images of the Catskills cabin of The Wild Unknown on Design*Sponge. Via Little Is The New Big.}


DIY Thursday: Festive Paper Pinwheels

In continuation of the birthday theme (being that the birthday festivities continue for another couple of weeks at least), I bring you today a beautifully presented tutorial from Style Me Pretty for paper pinwheels. The project tutorial is by Posh Paperie, and the wonderful photography is by Jackie Wonders. See the original post on Style Me Pretty for full instructions and details.

So beautiful! I'd love to hang these up all over my house, even when it's not my birthday!


And I Quote

"It sometimes happens, that a woman is handsomer at twenty-nine than she was ten years before; and, generally speaking, if there has been neither ill health nor anxiety, it is a time of life at which scarcely any charm is lost."
And yet again, Jane Austen, you are my hero.

I'm off today, spending it lazily in frivolous pursuits and doing exactly as I please, which in my opinion, is how everyone should spend her birthday. (And now, may I make a suggestion?: you should spend my birthday by taking advantage of the Incredible Birthday Sale going on in my shop for today only!)

Happy Birthday to Me! And here's to a loss of neither beauty nor charm in 29.

{quoted: the effervescent and luminescent Miss Austen, Persuasion}
{copyrighted image by the talented Tif of Dottie Angel, pulled from the Flickr stream.}


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Necessity Is The Mother

Such a fantastic name for a handmade clothing shop, right? I've had many items from Necessity Is The Mother's Etsy shop make their way into my favorites for quite a long time now.
I absolutely love the casual, homespun look; sort of like 40's housemaid meets 60's mod.

Some of my favorites, including some I couldn't resist pulling from the Sold items section.


Also, I envy the model's gorgeous auburn hair, if we're just gonna go ahead and get everything out there. You should definitely stop by and check out the creative and charming items in the shop.

Happy Tuesday! Oh, and don't forget to stop by my shop today too to see the brand new items I listed last night! Big Birthday Sale starts tomorrow!

{All images pulled from Necessity Is The Mother Etsy shop.}


Birthday Sale and Giveaway Winner

On the agenda for today: some lovely new things to show you, an exciting offer, and the announcement you've all been waiting for.

First, my birthday is this week (!). Last year in honor, I ran a Birthday Sale in my Etsy shop that was so well-received that I've decided to make it a yearly tradition. So on Wednesday, September 22nd, I'm offering a 22% discount on your entire purchase from my shop, for one day only. So stop by and stock up for yourself or gifts for others. I've been working really hard this weekend on some lovely new members of the Pink Street club which will all be listed in the shop by Wednesday.

Here's a preview:


More will be listed tonight, so you'll have a great selection from which to choose on Wednesday!

And finally, our Giveaway Winner: Niandra!
Congratulations, Niandra; please send me an email at sarahetimmons@gmail.com with your address, and I'll get all of your goodies packaged up and sent off to you!


Favorite Things Friday: The Purl Bee

I know. Sheer, unadulterated incredible.
This beautiful Liberty of London fabric sample display wall is installed at the new PurlSoho.
But why can't it magically and simultaneously be installed at my house?

{Image from the Purl Bee blog. There's so much more loveliness to explore on the blog and at the online shop of PurlSoho.}


DIY Thursday: Ice Cream Cone Pinata

Being that just a few days from now I shall begin The Birthday Celebration Extravaganza with husband, pretty party items are looking like the perfect thing with which to begin the countdown.

And a pretty party item shaped like my third favorite thing in the world (just behind husband and birthdays) is Even. More. Awesome.

I really don't think any more words are necessary.
Brilliant idea, and full instructions for the project by Tiffany of Simply Modern Mom.



The Plan:
1. Buy an antique sideboard and install in living room.
2. Find several vintage apothecary jars in varying shapes and sizes.
3. Install happy little (fake) birds in said apothecary jars along with some (real) twigs and moss to keep them company.
4. Embellish display with adorable vintage mirror tray, lamp, and handmade wall art.

And voila! Instant charm.

{Disclaimer: this is not actually my house, nor was it originally My Plan. These gorgeous images, this adorable display, and the credit for actually having such a brilliant idea must go to the lovely Miss Polly of Polly Danger, the blogthe shop, and the notions.}

But now, this plan is My Plan.
And now I'm going to go, and ... show The Plan to someone else.


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Gloaming Designs

I'm captivated by the beautiful things in the Gloaming Designs shop, as with the incredible styling and the idyllic, fairytale atmostphere it evokes. The shop is owned by Abigail, an American living in Paris, and there is French flair abounding. Absolument enchantant.

{All images by the very talented Abigail of Gloaming Designs, and pulled from the Etsy shop.}
If you like, stop by and explore her blog as well. It's every bit as pretty, with some beautiful photos of Southern French mountains and streams.


Giveaway Extended

Executive decision: the Favorite Things Giveaway shall be open to you, my lovely readers, for another week. We need some more entrants, friends, so comment away! (Please comment on the original post.)

Go on, then!

Heirloom Pieces

I worked this weekend on listing some new things I've created very recently with some repurposed vintage jewelry components: brooches, earrings, and other bits. I plan to have the shop fully stocked by the time I run my birthday sale, of which so many of you kindly took advantage last year. But enough exposition, bring in the photos!


More to be added to the shop soon!


Favorite Things Friday: Tables Laid Under the Trees

These incredible images by the insanely talented wedding photographer Tec Petaja are perfect. And so are the colorful vintage table linens, and the hay bale seating, and the way the late summer sun streams through the trees, and the chandeliers hanging from the low boughs, and the homemade pies on pretty stands, and the groom's bowtie.

All images copyright Tec Petaja, pulled from his website. Also, be sure to see his blog for so much more loveliness.

So beautiful. I hope that your Friday is beautiful, and your weekend is splendid.
{And hey, everyone! Don't you like giveaways? Then for heaven's sakes, why don't you enter!?}


DIY Thursday: Beaded Chandelier

My list of projects to try grows weekly, but this one is definitely one of those which has a good shot at making the difficult leap from great idea to reality. And now you have a reason to save and recycle all of those gaudy Mardi Gras beads! This awesome tutorial comes from Heather, posted on the Dollar Store Crafts site. I've shortened it to just a pictorial tutorial (ha!), but you can find full instructions here.

Britt, an enterprising reader of the blog and writer of A Penny Saved, added a lighting kit to her chandelier, which she painted turquoise, to mimic these beauties made of semiprecious stones by Marjorie Skouras. You can see Britt's revised tutorial here.

I love white for outdoors, or a wedding under the trees, and something punchy like aqua for brightening up the indoors. What color would you paint yours?


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