Favorite Things Friday: Silhouettes

I'm so in love. I want these all over my house. I'm devising a plan to cover at least a 4 foot by 3 foot wall surface in my living room with a solid mass of silhouettes at this moment. No kidding.

(All images from Country Living's stunning article in the December 2008 issue.) My favorite above is the bone/acrylic scalloped silhouette cutout on chunky gold chain. And how adorable are these custom pendants, made by luckymebeads, from a photo of your sweetheart or child/grandchild and placed in vintage metal settings? If anyone sees my husband, please inform him that Valentine's Day is approaching, and I want this.


  1. I have always loved silhouettes. I can't wait to see yours. I hope you post them.

  2. Oh, I think a wall of silhouettes is so romantic. I love them, too.
    Oh, Nathan.......I have something to telll you!!!
    xo bj


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