Part Two, In Which the Reader is Astounded by the Natural Wonders on Which I Expound

We decided that since Nathan will be starting grad school in the fall, and it's therefore unlikely that we'll get to take another vacation-type trip for quite a while, to live it up a little while in the Metroplex this weekend, and stayed on Sunday to pack in a few more fun events.

After sleeping in, we went to Panera for breakfast -- I was really wanting to go again after Evan and Allison brought in drinks from their breakfast on Saturday morning. It was every bit as wonderful as I'd remembered; I had a Cheese Pastry, Blueberry Muffin, and Caramel Latte, and sat comfortably and read a few chapters of my Agatha Christie as we ate. Then it was off to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, which I haven't visited since I was 11 or 12, probably. I didn't remember it being as beautiful as it was -- I was absolutely blown away. The Japanese Gardens were incredible, and the Rose Garden and the little garden trails we discovered were wonderful. My pictures are gorgeous, but they can't convey how absolutely magical it was.

First, some photos of the Japanese Garden:

One of me and Nate:

And then we wandered over into the Rose Gardens:

And from there, through some trails through the trees, where I dipped my toes in a little brook, and my husband laughed very hard at my funny faces for several minutes.

After three hours there, we hadn't seen even half of the Gardens, and I'm determined that we shall return to explore further, and hopefully spend whole days on the shady lawns with mystery novels and a picnic basket.

Part One, In Which I Keep My Promise to my Dear Readers

I've been assuring you all for over a month that I'd post pics of the Spring Fling and of Pink Street come to life after this weekend, and knowing that the suspense has nearly incapacitated most of you, I happily assuage your curiosity here and now.

. . . But first, I'll tell you a little about how it went. Setting up my table took me much longer than expected -- about 4 and a half hours -- but I think it was worth it in the end. So many kind people that day and all day Saturday told me how creative and effective they thought it was, and I was pleased too with how it turned out. We all got a little bit toasty, but had so much fun chatting with each other and with other artists, wandering around and choosing our own purchases from the other incredible handmade items there, and talking to the customers who were kind enough to buy from us. All in all, a success, I'd say.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: some pics Nathan took of me setting up my table on Friday afternoon, and of the display in progress.

And a close-up of the sign (which I made with grosgrain, scrapbook papers, and a large print-out of my logo from Kinko's):

More shots of the display and my pieces close-up, and then a final one of our booth -- my table and the lovely one next to it of my booth-mates, Evan Sanford and Allison Moore, of Olive & Everette.

Coming tomorrow, more photos of the rest of our lovely weekend getaway to historic Fort Worth.


I'm Not Really Here

Still very busy ... but I had enough time to post this short note, found here.

"take car to Four Seasons Hotel
car driver mysteriously knows my name
he says all pretty girls are named Sarah.
I have to agree."


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I'm sorry, friends, but I'm taking the week off. I have so much to do in preparation for the Funky Finds Spring Fling this weekend, that I simply haven't any time to devote to blogging or picture-taking until after I return. But if you can't bear the thought of living without me for a whole week, follow me to Fort Worth and come and visit on Saturday! I'd love to see you!

I shall return next Tuesday with photos, I hope, barring unforseen accidents and rabid rampaging bunny rabbits.



Here, as promised, are some photos from our trip to Fredericksburg last weekend. After a crazy and hectic beginning of week, I heartily wish I were still on said trip. That's what photos are for, I suppose: to remind you of the glory of vacation and make you despondent that you're not independently wealthy.

First things first: Our Bed and Breakfast, the lovely Cameron Inn, which sits just behind Main Street.

Next, our beautiful bathroom at the lovely Cameron Inn, which sits just behind the bedroom.

This was our favorite winery of the three we visited: Grape Creek. The facilities were gorgeous -- very Tuscan -- and we came back with a couple of really good bottles of wine as well.

And a few of the historical sites of downtown Fredericksburg: the original county courthouse, built in the 1880's, I believe, which now houses the Pioneer Library. And my handsome husband makes friends with a bubbly fountain out front.

And on our way out of town on Sunday, we made the obligatory pilgrimage to one of my favorite Mexican food restaurants anywhere in the world: Mamacitas. Although we were so full after the delicious breakfast we'd been served that morning, that I might have enjoyed it more after a few more hours and a couple more winery visits. Alas, we hadn't the time.

When I am retired or independently wealthy (preferably both) I'd love to buy a cozy little cottage in the Hill Country, maybe even operate my own B&B. I'd eat Mamacita's every Tuesday, fresh blueberry muffins in the morning, open windows all the time and generally revel in a sense of freedom in a beautiful place. That must be what the trillionaires who own their own island in Dubai do. Except maybe they eat blueberry falafel in the morning.

I Heart Bed and Breakfasts

After our wonderful stay at the beautiful Cameron Inn in Fredericksburg this past weekend (photos coming soon, I promise), I've decided that I think Bed and Breakfasts are really wonderful. I think it would even be fun to own one someday; take care of weary travelers, live in a beautiful place, hone my cooking skills, stay at home and read all morning -- this is the stuff dreams are made of (at least my dreams). So I was happily surprised to find that Holly at decor8 posted about a lovely Bed and Breakfast in Holland called Bed of Flowers B&B right after we got back, and I think it comes very close to my version of perfect happiness. I could spend years there, I think. It's a wonderful mix of lively color and an atmosphere that invites relaxation.

(All images by Bed of Flowers B&B via decor8.)


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: OliveSomeday

OliveSomeday is "Sweet Wall Adornments for Your Home," but I think it's also the perfect mix of worn-in vintage and retro-modern. I've had my eye on this shop for a long, long time, because I have a thing for ornate old frames, especially ones that have been painted glossy shades of cotton candy, chocolate, and sea glass. And I've been paying a lot more attention lately to how other sellers photograph their items and the way the shop creates a cohesiveness that makes you want to stay and browse. OliveSomeday's shop definitely does that for me; I love how her photos have some kind of a blurred, glazed effect to them, as if you're looking through an old window pane at a fairy tale. You can let me know what you think too.

And isn't the little deer in the photos adorable? {Note to self: find a way to incorporate cute plastic animals into jewelry shots.}

(All images by OliveSomeday and linked to their sources.)


Back in Town

Our trip was wonderful, except that I could've stayed away another three days. Funny how when you're out of town enjoying yourself, a long weekend can become so very short somehow. I took some fun photos of our Bed and Breakfast and other things we did, but haven't had time to upload them yet -- will post them very soon, promise!

For now, it's occured to me that the Funky Finds Spring Fling is in less than two weeks! Oh my goodness, how did I let the time slip away from me?! I've got SO much to do: put together Pink Street, work like crazy getting about another 40-50 items finished, and work a full-time job! How am I to accomplish all of this, you ask? Well, I get by with a little help from my friends.


National Timmonses Hill Country Vacation

I am so excited! In celebration of our second anniversary, we're taking a long weekend mini-break to Fredericksburg. It's so beautiful there, especially this time of year with the bluebonnets in bloom. We plan to eat some wonderful food, enjoy the jacuzzi at our cozy Bed and Breakfast in the center of town, and visit as many of the local wineries as we can until someone kicks us out. We leave right after work. Hooray for mini getaways!


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Nest * Pretty Things

Nest * Pretty Things by Tamar is one shop I'm so loving right now. Although I love brights, I've always been drawn to soft, romantic, flowery pastels. It seems so in tune with spring that I'm really feeling pulled to do some similar things in my shop. What encourages me so much is that Tamar has photographed her items in so many different ways -- some on a model, some on flowery vintage papers, some with ribbon, some on green glass jars, some on an old lampshade or vintage dress. I've changed my method of photographing my items at least five times since I opened my shop in November of 2007, and haven't yet come up with something that I'm perfectly happy with; but Tamar inspires me to be a little more free, a little less perfectionistic, perhaps, and her shop convinces me that cohesiveness can be created without common backdrops or one specific mode of setup.

Take a look at some of her beautiful items, and how she's photographed them, and then go and check out her entire shop, which is wonderful. Then, tell me if it draws you in like it did me, and I'd love to hear why you think that is, and your suggestions for how I can do the same thing with my shop (which is at the moment, frankly, languishing with boredom and inactivity).

I think it pulled me in because it's like walking into a fairy tale. And that experience is worth a lot -- more than the items she's selling. If I can create that same sort of atmosphere, it would make me, and I hope a lot of others, very happy. So, any advice?

(All images by Tamar at Nest * Pretty Things.)


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