Top 100 Tutorials of 2008

A few days ago, a blog called The Long Thread, which is all "about handcrafted goods in an age of mass production," (something which I'm all about too, incidentally), posted a list of the 100 Top Tutorials of 2008, a collection of how-to lessons from bloggers and crafting sites all over the web. I spent quite a while clicking on random titles that intrigued me, and I could've spent much longer. The tutorials are divided up into categories and classes to make them a little easier to wade through, but there's so much incredible information collected in all of these places that it is still a bit daunting at first. But I think it's a wonderful post to have on record and keep going back to, on a rainy afternoon or a weekend that's not already full before it begins. Hope you enjoy searching through this treasure trove of handmade ideas as much as I did.

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  1. Thanks, This is right up my alley. I'll go take a peek. Hugs, Terrie


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