Oh Happy Day

I just have to tell all of you what a lovely day I had yesterday. And if you live in Lubbock, you know that it was difficult for anyone here to have a lovely day, because it was colder than it's been all winter so far, freezing rain fell for most of the morning, the roads and sidewalks were slippery and dangerous, and the sun didn't come out all day. I have to get up and come to work in all of this unpleasantness, just like everyday. So I pull on my old wool-lined duckboots at home, trudge across campus to get to the building where I work at the university, and turn on my space heater to defrost my extremities.
Then, it begins to get a little better. I'd thought ahead far enough to bring a packet of Raspberry hot chocolate from home; it was creamy and thick and delicious and warm.
I get some things accomplished at work, which makes me feel productive and important.
I take a lunch break, and have quite a beautiful salad, composed of romaine and leaf lettuce, five grape tomatoes, four baby carrots, topped off with sunflower seeds and Olive Garden salad dressing. Mmmmmmmm. While I eat this wonderful salad, I read a few chapters in a fantastic mystery by Agatha Christie I recently borrowed from the public library.
Meanwhile, outside it's still looking very dreary and foreboding, and I'm not looking forward to trekking back across campus and across the street where my car is parked, to defrost it for 10 minutes until I can drive home again at 15 miles an hour.
I do some more work, feel productive and important again, make a few students happy, et cetera.
Then, I get a message from my sweet husband. It's an email telling me that he's ordered pizza for us online for dinner, meaning three things: a) I get pizza for dinner! b) I don't have to cook dinner myself! and c) I will get to curl up on the couch when I get home and finish my mystery, without the necessary interruptions of food preparation and clean-up. The moment at which I received his message was quite a beautiful moment, as I'm sure you can appreciate.
And only an hour later, the best thing of all happened: the people who make the decisions at the university, quite unexpectedly, announce that the campus, and all offices, will close at 3 pm! And I get to go home! (Oh, but yes, it gets better.)
A co-worker who parks right behind our building very kindly offers to drive me to my car, so that I don't have to walk to it. And when we get there, it's not completely iced over, and I'm able to drive home immediately!
I get comfortable on the couch, make myself a cup of English Afternoon, with which I eat a thin mint (thin mints go beautifully with tea; you must try it), and curl up under a blanket, as planned, with my Agatha Christie.
My husband gets to come home a few minutes early as well, and we sit in the living room and read together until that glorious messenger of happiness, the pizza delivery boy, arrives. Then, my wonderful husband allows me to stay on the couch under my blanket, bringing me my food and plenteous napkins, and pops in a very amusing movie. As if this weren't enough, the dear boy has ordered dessert, which was nothing short of magical. Then, he makes us a pot of coffee after the movie ends, and I sip and go back to reading contentedly.
I finally decide to move from the couch to the bed, and go back to reading, after which I reflect on the day. It's been quite perfect. Thank you, husband. Thank you university. Thank you pizza delivery boy.

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  1. Oh but you forgot that we didn't have to be at work until 10:00 the next morning! There's nothing like curling up on the couch all warm and cozy! :)


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