Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Norajane

I had a sticker and stamp obsession during my childhood and early adolescence. I'm pretty sure I'm safe in calling it an obsession: I collected free stickers anywhere I could (including those tacky little pre-printed return address labels that non-profits send to you when they're requesting donations), and I would save up my meagre allowance until I had enough money to go to Michael's, where the really good ones were kept, and buy lovely packages that I'd stock away, rarely using them, taking them out just to ogle them frequently. I stopped seriously collecting stickers around age 16, but I still have a little stockpile from all those years ago that I take out and use on handmade cards. I also have several pretty stamps left from those days, and when I found Norajane's Etsy shop, featuring her family's handmade rubber stamps, I felt the urge to revert to my former obsession and buy 10 to 12 of them. Perhaps I will (they're super cheap!). Here are a very few of my favorites.

Norajane also makes charming pillows herself, which she features in the shop. I like so many, but these are two of the cutest, in my opinion.


  1. Hi, PINKSTREET ;o)....yes, blogging is a blast and I just love it. I have to really watch myself or else I find the laundry stacked to the ceiling and no clean underwear, no groceries in the freezer or pantry, bills going unpaid, hair standing on end, eyeballs beet red....ahhh, really, I don't stay on here THAT much !!...just nearly! haha
    I would love to introduce you and your lovely jewelry on my blog, if you agree. We have a PINK SATURDAY each week where we post things pink. Your blog would fit right in for a Pink Saturday post...just let me know that it is ok...if not, that's fine, too..
    Take care!
    xo bj (aka jean) ;>)

  2. I bumped into your blog at BJ's. I am so glad I decided to take a peek. I am a floral designer. I am not currently doing it as a fulltime occupation due to a recent injury. I also have a thing for rubber stamps. These are wonderful. I love your blog. I will return. I am adding you to my favorite list. Come visit me sometime.


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