Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Miniature Rhino

I'm loving all of the quirky handmade items in the Miniature Rhino shop at present. Vintage papers, handwritten letters in a bottle, sweet embroidered hoops: it all adds up to a super cool Etsy shop.

I'm kind of infatuated with those book letters and the flipbook stationery set. Also, I think any of those incredible embroidered hoops would look right at home on any wall in my house. Awesome.

{Photos by the very talented Jessica of Miniature Rhino; composite images by me.}


New Playthings

Some extra pretty things have made their way to my little blue house within the past few weeks, and I thought I'd show them off. (You can imagine how much fun I've been having lately.)

paper goodness and pretty flowers from The Gilded Bee
beautiful millinery bits from caramelos

inspring color and lovely packaging from bella drummer

Just one more thing: expect to see some of these lovelies and more of my favorite things in a giveaway, coming soon. Keep checking back this week for more!


DIY Thursday: Teabag Envelope

I love tea. Tea is one of the things for which I'm most thankful. And tea in a pretty handmade floral envelope is even better, if that's possible. So I find today's tutorial from the lovely Yasmine of A Print A Day especially irresistible.

So charming, yes? See a materials list and complete instructions here.

Because I feel the need to continue with the week's established theme, I have just one further thing to add: Jane Austen loved tea too.




Lady Russell



Mrs. Elton

Miss Grey

And all enchanted to meet you.


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Brookish

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen-themed Etsy features must triumph over all others. Therefore, I present to you, Brookish, a charming shop full of pretty words and pretty things, for the hopeless Janeite in all of us.

You ask: What are men to tees and dishtowels?
I reply: Essential, if Mr. Darcy is printed all over them.

(All photos by Brooke of Brookish; composite images by me.)





Mrs. Gardner,











and Mrs. Clay.

Any resemblance to persons real or fictional may or may not be intentional.
These lovelies are destined to go out into the world as my envoys.
New headpieces to be unveiled soon!


I Wish I Were Spending My Weekend Here

Nathan and I had a wonderful day off together yesterday. We went to a late morning movie, ate the best pizza ever accompanied by real Coke in a glass bottle, then idled the afternoon away with a leisurely excursion to World Market, then ice cream at Cold Stone, followed by Mad Men episodes at home on the couch. A relaxing, perfect day.

I'd like the weekend to be a continuation of the same, preferably spent in a wooded, whitewashed, and silent cabin; but alas, that seems highly unlikely at present. Still, I hope to have photos of some new work for you on Monday morning: a few pieces I'm very excited about.

Happy Weekend, all! If you're lucky enough to have a quaint cottage in the Catskills, do say hello to the trees and the brook for me.

(Feature in the NY Times, here; found via Greatfull Day, here.)


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Cutiepie Company (and Special Offer!)

I'm so excited to introduce you today to one of the most charming shops you'll ever meet, cutiepie company, run by the kind and talented Milly. She's stocked her pretty shop full of quite a few of my favorite things: handmade paper goods, vintage maps, charming silhouettes, and a healthy dash of woodgrain. {You begin to understand, I suspect, why I fell in love at first sight.}

I discovered cutiepie company's Etsy shop about a year and a half ago, after happening upon that adorable moleskin printed with the silhouetted girl, and it's remained at the very top of my favorites ever since. I go back to gaze at all of the new lovelies at least once a week.

In addition to having really good taste and a wonderful design sensibility, Milly has been kind enough to offer a special "Back to School" discount just to you as pink street readers. She'll extend a 15% discount on all notebooks and journals, and 10% off everything else in the shop! Just mention "Pinkstreet" in the Notes to Seller at checkout in order to receive the discount. She'll refund the sale amount via Paypal within 24 hours.

The special pink street offer will run through this Sunday, August 22nd, so stop by and pick out a few of your favorites!

Thanks, Milly, for the generous discount offer, and for putting such lovely handmade things out into the world. The world is grateful.

{I mention here by way of a sidenote that the Woodgrain Mixed Paper Notebook, Fille Merci Card set, and naturally, the Lady in Red Moleskin Cahier, have all been added to my birthday list. Just wanted to keep you informed.}

{All photos by Milly of cutiepie company; composite images by me.}


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