Wish List Wednesday: Urban Outfitters

I experienced Urban Outfitters for the first time in Boston, Mass, on my honeymoon. I came back from the trip just a little bit crazy, I think: all the perfection had gone to my head. I fell in love with just about everything in this store at first sight: really cute clothes, adorable shoes, the kind of jewelry I aspire to create (although I get some credit here because mine is made by hand, while theirs is most likely made by Chinese minors), and darling items for the home, which are my favorite, and would be my ruin, I'm sure, if an Urban Outfitters ever came to take up residence in Lubbock. But if I had three wishes, first of all, I'd wish for infinite wishes (everybody knows that), then, I'd make these appear:

This midcentury bench would look so perfect at the foot of our bed!

Oh, you have no idea how I could go on. But luckily, I now have infinite wishes, so that wouldn't actually be a difficulty. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. ahhh, aren't these all just beautiful...
    I enjoyed seeing them all...
    Your welcome post is coming up on Sat. It was fun doing it!
    hugs, bj

  2. Those are beautiful.!! Would be perfect for my new home.. Well, I just got few home décor stuff from Urban Outfitters.


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