Wish List Wednesday: Austrian Vacation

It's incredibly ironic, I realize, that only three days after I've gone back to work after an extended holiday break, I'm already wishing for a vacation. But so it is. I've been reading a collection of De Maupassant's short stories, most of which are, of course, set in France, but I read one two nights ago set at a little mountain inn in the Alps, and it sounded like quite a lovely place to be. Wouldn't you agree?

These are all photos of Austria, one of the places I've never been in Europe which I'd most like to go, I think. The first photo is of a beautiful lake near a place called Seefeld, the next is of Salzburg, with the fortress on the hill, the third is the Salz river right outside of the city, the fourth is a little countryside hotel, and the last photo is the Sound of Music mansion. I love that movie! I wish I were twirling on top of a grassy Austrian hillside right now. Someday. And in the meantime, a girl can dream. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Oh, Sarah...when you go, I WANNA GO, TOO...
    Happy Wed. to you, too...
    bj (jean)


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