Inspiration in the Shower

This morning my husband was working on an essay after breakfast. He gets up from his laptop, comes into the living room, and says, "I'm going to hop into the shower. Maybe I'll have a flash of inspiration."

Then, a few moments later, from the hallway, "Archimedes did his best thinking in the bathtub."

I giggle. "How do you know Archimedes did his best thinking in the bathtub?"

"I have a degree in Classics." (Slight note of sarcasm.)

"Someone might've just made that up, you know."

"It's true. Look it up on Wikipedia."

Okay, honey. Sure.


  1. By the way, I did look it up. Believe it or not, Wikipedia is strangely silent on Archimedes' bathing habits.

  2. I gotta take Nathan's side on this, the shower is the best place to think! I always come up with great ideas and sometimes really random things, but it's my favorite part of the whole day! What I love about this post is that you actually looked it up on Wiki :)

  3. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eureka_(word)


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