Thank You, BJ!

My very good friend BJ, who is the beautiful grandmother of one of my best friends and has one of the cutest blogs I've found, featured me today on her Pink Saturday post! It was a lovely gesture and very beautifully done, with such nice things to say about my handmade jewelry and my blog. I just wanted to thank her here for welcoming me to the blogging world (I'm relatively new, having only begun in December) and for the selflessness that prompts her to post prayer requests on her blog and to continually feature, introduce, and encourage others there. Your kindness and your beautiful cottage alike are great inspiration for me!


  1. I do hope you are finding your way around blogland. I can tell by this post that you.. have a heart of gold. BJ is a dear sweet friend of mine, too. She is to many of us here in blogland. I have known her for over a year. Beginning at HGTV's Rate My Space. She always has kind things to say about everyone. And she always makes everyone feel so welcome. So, I am glad she took you under her wing.
    Hugs, Terrie

  2. Good Sunday morning, Sarah,
    The pleasure was all mine and I wish you tons of good luck with your blog and your beautiful Etsy. Thanks so much for this beautiful post.
    Have fun with blogging...I sure do!
    hugs, bj


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