DIY Thursday: Braided Headband

This is such a very adorable headband, and such a wonderfully easy DIY, that I think we're all especially lucky that today is Thursday. (Sidenote: I'm having to remind myself that there are, indeed, beautiful things in the world today, because all I see outside is sheets of rain pouring out of a very dark sky, on top of which the wind is blowing things so horribly about that by noon nothing's going to be the same shape it was at 8:00 this morning. To make matters worse, the campus where I work turns into the city's only lake anytime it rains for more than 15 consecutive minutes. End of sidenote.)

Moving on, our fabulous project today comes from one of the sweetest, loveliest, craftiest bloggers I've come across, the wonderful RubyEllen of cakies. I'll paste in most of her photos for the tutorial here, but you'll have to see her original post to get all of the details and complete instructions. I hope that you do hop over to her blog, because it's so full of kindness and pretty things that it will brighten your day right up, even if, like here, it looks like the middle of the night in a squall on the Atlantic.

(All images by RubyEllen of cakies, and pulled from her headband tutorial post here.)


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Sparkle Power

Yes, I do realize it's not Tuesday, and that I'm a day late, but I can't miss Etsy Treasure day -- it's too much fun. Today's feature is a lovely shop I became acquainted with quite a long time ago on Rachel Denbow's blog, Smile and Wave, called Sparkle Power, run by the very talented Candace. I've been watching the shop to see what cute things show up from time to time, and now also really enjoy reading her blog. Some extra cute ones today (including the perfect 2010 calendar, for which I've been searching for two months):

(All images by Candace of Sparkle Power, and pulled from the Etsy shop. Note: the vintage chalkboards are not currently for sale -- found in the 'sold' section.)


Grand Opening

So I mentioned just after returning from the holiday break that I bought a new desk and organizational supplies for a lovely new workspace. In order to make that lovely new workspace a reality, however, much unpleasantness must be got through first. I have to clean out the spare bedroom which, for three years now, has held all of my old single/little girl furniture, and literally 23 years of "keepsake" stuff. (You have no idea. Yesterday, when cleaning out my dresser, I found 12 old diaries and journals, the first dating back to 1986, when I was five. I discovered an early rock collection, including gemstone-colored agates, and I also found the first love letter I ever received, from the adorable Chad in 3rd grade. I still had the sweat-stained gym clothes I was given in sixth grade, when forced to do laps around the parking lot in P.E., with all of the other kids who weren't on our school's sports teams. I think I may have kept those as a reminder that at some point in my life, I did run.)

Anyway, part of this grand catharthis project on which I have embarked is getting rid of some of my unused or superfluous materials, so my real announcement today is to tell you that I've opened a destash supplies shop! Logically, it's called Pink Street Supplies. I've only been able to list about 1/3 of what I've bundled up for sale already, but over the next week or so, I hope to have almost 40 destash lots listed. If you've got crafty aspirations, head over and check it out, because since my main object is to get rid of this stuff, I'm listing it at really low prices.

To return to where we began, however, I'd like to hear about some of the ridiculous and funny things you've kept for years as remembrances. Go on! The very craziest!


Don't Miss It!

Sunday at 8:00pm CST, Emma airs on PBS! This makes my week.


I Have An Announcement to Make

I'll give you five hints.

Yep, you guessed right. In May. We haven't taken a substantial vacation since our honeymoon. (Crossing my fingers that I won't get sick this time.) Anyway, so I'm working on making some of our arrangements, and I may be a little absent here for a few days. Be back soon!


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: The Gilded Bee

I love absolutely everything in The Gilded Bee's Etsy shop. I'm a sucker for all things miniature, pastel, handmade, and created out of sweet little papers. Also, I think the way each item is presented and photographed is flawless. I had a very hard time narrowing down my favorites to only ten to show you here.

Hop on over and spend some very happy time browsing in the shop. I know it will brighten your day.
(All images taken from The Gilded Bee Etsy shop.)


DIY Thursday: Canvas Doily Bag

I've been saving this one for you guys for a while. The project was posted here on design*sponge in November, and I've been waiting for just the right time to reveal it here and astound you all. Truly, though, I really, really like this one, and if I can just get through the other two DIY projects I'm currently in the middle of, and tie up a few other loose ends around the house (i.e., boxes full of IKEA goodness and nowhere to put it, an Etsy shop desperately needing attention, and a new one burgeoning -- more on that later), then this is definitely the very next item on the agenda.

Anyway, this charming DIY canvas doily bag tutorial was created by Ashley of Ashley Ann Photography. See her original post and full instructions here.

You'll need: a canvas bag, fabric paint in the color of your choice, a large paper doily, adhesive spray, a paintbrush, and an iron (optional).

Ashley instructs us to spray the doily with adhesive spray first, then stick it to the bag in your desired place. Then paint over the holes, and peel the doily off before the paint dries.

Either freehand or trace your monogram or other design in the center. Ashley used her iron "to heat set it a bit." And voila, done!

I love this idea, and although mine would look slightly different -- probably pink or aqua paint instead of black, and my "S" might be script or something different entirely, I think this bag is perfect for a carry-all, reuseable grocery bag, craft supplies bag, or personalized gift for bridesmaids or hostesses. How would you customize yours?


Back to School, Back to School

Today is the first day of school at the university where I work, and the students are flooding back to campus, most of them looking disgruntled and/or sleep-deprived. My Honors students are slightly more enthusiastic, but only slightly. The freshness that a new semester brings has me wishing I were carrying something like this adorable plaid messener bag around.

These fun messenger bags are made in several different patterns, shapes, and sizes by Etsy shop Stash. (Obviously the pink one is my favorite.) I found them via this post on Creature Comforts. Hope your Wednesday is lovely, wherever you happen to be.


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Thrush

New Year's Resolution #1: Wear more vintage. I've had my eye on several offerings from a lovely Etsy shop called Thrush for quite a while, and they may be just the thing to help me put my resolution into action.

Any of these would be right at home in my closet, I'm sure.

(All images pulled from the Thrush Etsy shop.)


It's All So Very Clear Now

If my high school pre-cal teacher had ever thought of explaining functions, tangents and binomial coefficients in terms of flowers, I'm positive that I'd be a math whiz today. Alas, all I learned for the long-term is the quadratic equation, set to the tune of "London Bridge is Fall Down." In Algebra, the only equations I managed to master were the ones that invovled setting a's, b's, c's, and d's up next to each other and cancelling some of them out. Letters I understand. Numbers, you are my eternal nemesis. Fellow English majors, unite.

These enlightening graphic diagrams were created by the talented Sarah of the beautiful shop Saipua, for her post over at design*sponge. I feel smarter already.


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