(Photo by the lovely Cassia Beck, found in the LolasRoom shop.)

Hiya, friends. Things are feeling a little crazy around here lately, and I've come to the conclusion that I need to make more time for some projects which have been pushed to the back burner. So, sadly, I'll be taking a short break from blogging, but this should mean other great things will be happening: hopefully, the completion of the long-awaited and much-anticipated workroom, desperately needed updates to my jewelry and destash shops, and also, some time away so that my lovely husband and I can celebrate our third anniversary properly.

To keep you occupied and interested in the meantime, here are some helpful suggestions and a few modest proposals:
1. Watch this and try not to smile.
2. Go here and reflect on the beauty in everyday things.
3. Rent this and discover the pure glory.
4. See this and be amazed and inspired.
5. Listen to this and be astounded at the multi-talentedness of Jason Schwartzman.
6. Read this and understand why I couldn't tear myself away.
7. See if you can guess why I love this home.
8. Please come back and visit me soon! I hope to be back next week!


I'm Hooked

HolyMoly, if I could follow a crochet pattern, there would be at least seven of these in every room in my house.
Big and small.
Like lily pads.
And I could jump from one to the other to get from our bedroom to the kitchen.
And then the living room.
And then the bathroom.
And then back to the kitchen for a cup of tea.
I'd call them ... Doilily Pads.

(You know, like "a 'Jump to Conclusions' mat. You see, it would be this mat that you would put on the floor ... and would have different CONCLUSIONS written on it that you could JUMP TO.")

And ... I'm out.

(For the tutorial on Julie Reed's crocheted bath mat, find the DIY in the Design*Sponge archives here.)


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Citefuzz

I got to meet my sweet little newphew Eli for the first time ever last weekend: he's finally at home now and doing just peachy, except that his very sleepy parents tell me that he's still working out some confusion regarding which is night and which is day. He seems like a pretty sharp little guy; I'm sure he'll figure it out soon. Anyway, because he came a little earlier than expected, he's still fairly small, and his mom was lamenting the fact that they haven't been able to find cute little caps that fit his tiny head. And that's how today's Etsy feature was born!

I'm happy to introduce to you, Citefuzz, a lovely shop full of adorable knitted items for the wee. (No, not the Wii, the wee; careful not to confuse the two, or you'll be shaking a toddler at a television, and that doesn't tend to work out well for anyone involved.) Have a peek at all of the cuteness you can put on your little one's head.
Ears! Isn't that fantastic!

And little flaps, to keep his baby ears toasty.

This is about how tiny Eli's would have to be at present:

But he's a very hip little fella, so he'd wear it like this:

And I kind of wish I could get one of these for myself:

The hat, Mop, not the baby -- simmer down there, and stop squealing, people can hear you.

There are so many different colors, and several different styles to choose from. Head over to Citefuzz, if that's your thing, and check them out!


Lovely Package Giveaway!

I've posted about The Gilded Bee before, but if you didn't take time to go and see all of the loveliness before, here's a second chance: there's a fabulous giveaway going on this week, hosted by the Head Bee herself, over at her blog. In order to induce you to head over and participate, I concocted a devious plan to tempt you into submission with an overload of prettiness.

Hurry over and enter the giveaway, friends!
(All images pulled from The Gilded Bee Etsy shop.)


DIY Thursday: Washi and Masking Tape

Check out all four (yes, four!) of the inspiring Japanese tape idea posts at iDiY! Here's a teaser to get you all excited. And if you happen not to know the full wonders of the washi tape movement, you should do some exploration here, here, here, and here. Oh, and here.




In two months and one day hub and I will be off on our brilliant English vacation! Hooray! Our new passports have arrived, all of our lodgings are booked, activities are planned, and all that remains is for me to get to work on the bag I've planned to make which shall accompany us on all outings and innings and sight-seeings and explorations. I have several larger bags which would do, but I want this one to be a little more versatile; I'd like the strap to be adjustable so that I can make it longer when I want to wear it cross-shoulder, then shorter again when I want to do the typical single-shoulder thing. It also has to go with everything, so it will most likely be a solid natural linen or something of that sort. The style is what I haven't fully decided on yet. Here are some lovely bags I've been admiring on Etsy lately, beginning with the first, Array Corrente handbag from coriehumble, which was my initial inspiration.

Next up, this great ruched leather bag by iragrant, whose large totes I've been a fan of for a long time.

This pretty pink one by ZhenUNleathers also caught my eye (obviously) and has some details that I like.

While we're on the subject of pretty pink bags, I had to include this one from CindyMars7. I love the contrasting placket on the top, accented with a doily, lace, and a button. I also really like the pleats. I think this is a shape and style I might try and replicate if only I can get those pleats right!

But if I were going to add a color accent to a neutral bag, it would be yellow. I'm currently smitten with yellow, and it probably has a lot to do with the fact that it seems to announce summer and warmth and lightness, and I don't think I could be any more tired of winter and cold and cloudiness. Ugh. So this charming bag by CalviRee is perfect, plus the fun burlap ticking straps (which I already have in my fabric stock, actually).

But even those ticking straps can be beat by a whacking great bow. If the pleats don't work out, I'm pretty sure I can manage a huge bow -- and on it goes! to mask all technical deficiencies and make the world right again! (Yellow Harris bag by breagha.)

So there you are. My bag may be a strange combination of all of the above, or it may look like none of them in particular. I make no boasts about my proficiency as a seamstress. Single stitch in straight lines is about the extent of my expertise. So wish me luck!

Oh, and send me photos or links to other bags you think I might like to see; I never get tired of bags!


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: KnitKnit

My weekend was packed full of board games with lovely friends; the infamous PaintTheSewingTable project (which had a few ups and downs, and is currently still preventing me from parking in my garage); a shower for G&L and Baby Eli (who, unfortunately, was disinclined to attend himself); and visiting the library for some Edith Wharton designed to serve as a stand-in so that I can ration the precious 100 last pages of the Book Club book (it's soooooo good, and I'm trying to savor it and not finish it too long before next Wednesday's meeting).

But the show must go on! I have some loveliness to share with you today which must be deferred no longer. As you know by now, I'm sure, I have a love bordering on obsession with cameos and silhouettes, so it should come as no surprise that I love the following from a wonderful Etsy shop called KnitKnit:


I can't decide which I like better, brown on cream, or white on brown. Oh, but there's more felted goodness.


Isn't that wonderful -- a crocheted postcard! Now that's creativity for you: soft cable-knit wool perfectly blended with old-fashioned letter-writing. I'm a fan.

(All images pulled from the KnitKnit Etsy shop.)


I Want to Go to Flower School

This is maybe one of my greatest dreams.

(photo by Sarah of Saipua, via the Flower School blog.)


Etsy Treasure Tuesday: The Wheatfield

Katie Lombardo of The Wheatfield is one of my favorite artists; I love her colors, her creative typography, the incorporation of flowers, growing things, and nature into her charming designs. Here are a few of my favorites from her Etsy shop, but if you like her style, you really must check out her flickr as well -- there's so much more to love!

(all images are pulled from The Wheatfield Etsy shop, and are Katie's original artwork.)


Little Letters (And Big Announcement)

(photo credit: bigDAYpartyshop, here)
Dear Reader,
My brand new little nephew Elisha James made his debut appearance (a little earlier than expected) on Friday. He's still adjusting, so we haven't been able to spend any quality time together yet, but I predict that he's going to be super-smart, laaaiiid-back, and have his dad's ultra-pudgy and kissable little baby cheeks.

Dear Eli,
Welcome to the world, little man! I'm going to be the best Auntie ever, and I'm going to teach you all of the most annoying songs that have ever been sung, and get you a humongous drum set for your third birthday.

Dear G&L,
Now that you've successfully produced the first grandchild, I'm gonna need you to send Eli over to Mop and Pop's as often as possible, so they can get it out of their system.

Dear Mop and Pop,
Yes, we're taking a trip this summer. But I do not think it means what you think it means.

Dear Lubbock spring,
I was wishing and hoping and planning and dreaming of you, but then came you came with your wind and your dust and your suddenlike rain showers, and I remembered why you're bittersweet.

Dear spring break,
Long time, no see. Sorry we're not as tight as we used to be; I'm a working girl now.

Dear neck and shoulder pain,
Leave me alone, please. You may think it's funny that I can't turn my head and have to glance sideways out of the corners of my eyes, but I do not.

Dear Elsie, Leigh-Ann, and Jill,
I'm loving the workshop so far! I just know I'm going to learn so much!

Dear Book Group friends,
Thanks for taking us out, inviting us in, and sharing meals with us this weekend. We love you guys.

Dear pink street friends,
I'm running a really great sale in the shop this month! Head over and check it out!


Exciting Things Are Happening Up In Here

#1: Art Trail is tonight! I'm so excited, because it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. Please come out and visit me tonight at Alderson Mercedes on 17th & Texas if you're in the Lubbock area! I would love to see ALL of you there!

#2: I took a leap and registered for the Indie Business Workshop 2.0 with Elsie, Leigh-Ann, and Jill. I'm already super-inspired to make Pink Street lovelier, healthier, and more vibrant. It's a little scary, because it feels like the first step in something bigger, almost the first step in doing something crazy {this is not an annoucement of any kind; don't get all discombobulated, Mop}, but I'm so excited!

#3: I got the amazing items I ordered from TripleTrouble in the mail two days ago, and I can. not. wait to start going nuts with the paper craftiness.

(photo #1: by me, Bloom necklace in the shop; image #2: Elsie, Jill, and Leigh-Ann; photo #3: by Hope, pulled from the Triple Trouble Etsy shop.


DIY Thursday: Doily Pillow

The lovely Rachel of Smile and Wave posted a tutorial for a sweet handmade doily pillow she made a couple of months ago. It seems to fit right in among the massive mounds of cuteness which have heaped up here this week.

Here's her tutorial in pictorial steps, but you'll find full instructions in words and stuff in her original post.

And ta-da!

(All photos by Rachel Denbow, pulled from her DIY post here.)


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