Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Polly Danger Notions

Today's Etsy feature post requires a bit of background, I think. I've mentioned here, here, and here before that it is my goal for this month to overhaul the back bedroom in our house, which currently contains my old bedroom suit, and make it into a beautiful little office space that Nathan and I can share. Finally, he'll have a place to do his schoolwork and work on research other than the dining room table, and I'll have a dedicated, organized space in which to sew and put all of the wonderful jewelry workspace furniture I got at Ikea in December!

My lovely mother very graciously came over on Saturday to get me motivated, and the two of us working together for three hours successfully completed Step One of the project: to empty and get ready to move out all of the old furniture, which had been holding more than 25 years of accumulated "keepsake" ridiculousness. The bed is taken apart, all of the linens have been packed up for storage at my parents' house, and I even reorganized the closet! Even better, we took the hardware off of a beautiful antique sewing table that mom picked up for me on a recent antiquing excursion (so that I can repaint it a crisp, clean white), and we discovered, to my very great happiness, that my own sewing maching will fit perfectly into the space where the original old school black Singer had been! This means that not only will my sewing machine not have to share space any longer on my jewelry desk, but it can be folded up inside my pretty little sewing table when not in use!

All this preparation for finally being able to sit down at my sewing machine quickly and easily whenever I like has fueled my current obsession with thinking of various items I want to make, and prompted today's Etsy feature, a charming shop called Polly Danger Notions. Polly offers gorgeous handmade bias tapes, fabric covered buttons in several sizes, fun little sewing tutorials, and more. If you're as excited about beginning some fun sewing projects as I am, hop over and take a look through the shop. Here's a pretty preview:

Before much longer I'll be able to present some real progress to you here on my lovely new workroom! Much unpleasantness has to be got through first, like repainting just about everything, some new task lighting in the room, and approximately 47.3 hours of assembling my new Ikea desk and shelving unit. It'll all be worth it in the end!


  1. That's an adorable shop! But it reminds me of how depressed I am that my sewing machine is on the fritz. I've got so many things I need to sew and I can't right now... :( I think I'll dedicate some time this weekend to working on getting my machine fixed. Great post! :)

  2. What a great workspace! I have a few inspiration images to share:
    http://tinyurl.com/yls3vfa (check out that great Ikea piece for a tidy little workstation!)
    http://knockoffwood.blogspot.com/ (free and easy-to-follow building plans for diy wooden Pottery Barn & Crate and Barrel furniture)

    I can't wait to see your workspace!

  3. All of those photos are so inspring, Heather. Thanks for sharing! I hope my fresh little workspace looks as wonderful as some of those.


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