I liked the idea of Rachel's February wishes post so much that I decided to jot down a few of my own hopes and wishes for this month. But first I shall echo a few of hers, which are wonderful:
1. A pretty new dress.
2. Two coffee/[crafting] dates with friends.
3. Warm weather trips to the park.
4. A cupcake. Or two.

(My own list)
5. An empty back room, which I can fill up with all of my beautiful new IKEA workspace helpers.
6. A weekend without rain or snow.
7. A busy and delightful Art Trail (this Friday night!)
8. A new bookshelf successfully assembled in our dining room.
9. More cups of hot tea in my pj's.
10. Maybe a pair of cute new shoes.
11. Definitely a pair of rainproof wellies.
12. A few movie nights and lots of kisses with my sweet husband.

(photo above by simpletess.)

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  1. Good luck on the trail! It is so so cold :(. At LHUCA today there were garbage cans placed all over because the ceiling was leaking EVERYWHERE from the rain!


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