You're My Hero, Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew mysteries were among my favorite books when I was in elementary and junior high, ranked among The Babysitters Club, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, and Roald Dahl. And I shall tell you a secret: I still love them, and still have just as much fun reading them as I did then, even though now they often provide a stolen day away from Oscar Wilde and Henry James and other books I'm reading for the Honors Book Club. I love how in the older ones, the ones written in the 30's and 40's, Bess and George are Nancy's "chums," and Ned her "special friend." They're so innocent and charming, and well, wholesome, I suppose you'd call it.

Anyway, today I have arranged a special tribute to Nancy Drew, in the form of a small collection of some of the wonderful illustrations from my personal copies.

I've always suspected that Carson Drew was modeled after Cary Grant. And I've always tried to figure out who would play the parts of Nancy, Bess, and George if I were to single out contemporary actresses, but have never come up with the perfect matches. Any ideas? Or suggestions for favorite stories I should pick up from the library?


  1. I thought I was the only one who still reads Nancy Drew books from childhood. The really cool thing for me is, that I now have a 10 year old daughter who reads the very same Nancy Drew books from my childhood - the love of books a wonderful legacy.

  2. That's lovely, Michele! I don't have any little children yet, but boy or girl, Nancy Drew is in his/her future.


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