Favorite Things Friday: V-Day Edition

These are a few of my favorite things:

1. Having my dear, sweet husband back at home with me.
2. Not working at a flower shop during Valentine's Day.

(Although, 3. I still love getting beautiful flowers. Like these. But never, in any case, the dreaded and prosaic red rose dozen. It's just old and tired, fellas, and those flowers have been sitting in freezers for three weeks: they aren't going to last another four days. Go with a lovely mix, or a simple hand-tied bunch of tulips or anemones. Trust me on this one, I'm an expert.)
4. Cupcakes, like the red velvet ones I'm going to make for our V-Day dessert!
5. Emersonmade's beautiful fabric flowers.
6. Danni's beatifully-designed Valentine's cards.
7. Sweet cream with raspberries.
8. Love stories.
9. Pink vintage dresses.
10. Lace and ruffles, on just about anything.

(Photo above, and flowers pictured, by nicolette camille, via saipua.)

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