DIY Thursday: Jewelry Display Bust

I got so, so, so excited when I found this splendid DIY project on design*sponge this week. This is something I definitely NEED. It's not something I can do on my own, however, for the following 2 inconvenient reasons: 1, I don't have a jigsaw, which is a direct result of 2, that I like having 10 fingers. So, I'll have to get my dad's help on this one. He doesn't share my overwhelming fear of mechanized teeth. Anyway, on to the real attraction!

Ta da! Isn't she beautiful?!

The reason I need such a magnificent piece of functional genius is that I'm quickly running out of creative ways I can display my pieces at Art Trail. My mother-in-law generously made me two crepe-covered neck forms that look like this, which I use all the time, but the drawback is that I can only put one, or at the most two, necklaces on each of them. And I have a lot of necklaces. So this seems to be the most perfect solution, as I actually did go on an Etsy and craigslist search a while back for vintage busts, but if I can make my own, and if, like this one, it has the added advantage of resembling a sweet Victorian silhouette, who needs overpriced antiques?

Here's how she was made (full instructions with the photos here):

I'll keep you posted on her progress. My pop's a busy guy, so I may not be able to report on Mamie (I've just named her) for a while, but oh, I can promise you, she'll materialize at some point. Do you guys have any ideas on how I could spiff her up?

(photos by Kate, pulled from the design*sponge post.)

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