Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Marchare

I stumbled upon the charming Marchare shop a couple of weeks ago when I was on one of my wild Etsy hunts for lace or doilies or something equally inessential but seemingly so very necessary at the moment. I didn't take much time to look around at all of the items in the shop until recently, and discovered a treasure trove of pretty things for sewing, packaging, and general creating. I think the shop is based in Japan, because quite a lot of the items are Japanese, which would explain the overflow of cuteness. Have a look for yourself:

I'm planning to make myself a large cross-shoulder bag for the England trip this summer (more on that in a later post), so perhaps a purchase of some of that lovely linen is in my future. And as long as the linen is required, the lace tape and doilies and vintage twine may as well come too.

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