There Are Many Things For Which to Be Thankful

Even on a gray, cloudy day, it's not looking so bad. I'm spending the two nights my husband is away at my parents' lovely house at the vineyard, and this morning my wonderful mother got up extra early to make me biscuit doughnuts, a childhood favorite. It was always what I requested for breakfast on birthdays and other very special days, and I had them, for the first time in years, again this morning. Quite lovely. I also have some delicious brie soup to look forward to for lunch, and things seem more cheery this morning.

These humorous original typography drawings by British artist Matt Lyon added to the general feeling of contentedness by making me giggle a little.

This one makes me think of Mr. Krook's fancy spontaneous combustion act in Dickens' Bleak House.

These illustrations are Matt Lyon's original work, pulled from his flickr Typography set.

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  1. Mmmm, biscuit donuts! I haven't thought about those in years, my grandma used to make those for me when I was a kid and she would roll them in cinnamon and sugar. I may have to make these really soon!


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