I Do ... Wedding Work: Part Two

I promise I'll have the Red Velvet cupcake extravaganza here for you later this week, but for today, I got so excited about finishing up and photographing some wedding pieces, that I couldn't wait any longer to share them with you. I've been working on some lovely sets for a bride who has great taste; as evidenced by 1) her wedding colors, aqua and chartreuse balanced by a soft grey, and 2) the fact that her bridesmaids are wearing these gorgeous Anthro dresses:

So when the bride initially told me about the feel and colors for her wedding, we did some collaborative thinking, and decided that her six bridesmaids would receive personalized pieces that fit each girl's style and personality. (That's the best way to do it, in my opinion: it becomes a part of your gift to them and a way to honor them for being part of your life.) We also decided that three colors in the jewelry pieces might get too busy, so I stuck with aqua and grey, with a flower theme to tie in with the flower embellishments on the dress. Here's what I came up with: six coordinating sets of necklace and earrings. {An update: my mom informs me that these pieces look to unsuspecting viewers like jewelry for giants because of the scale of the dress form. So, I suppose I should specify here that this is a mini dress form made specifically for jewelry storage and display, and is actually roughly the size of a 4-month old child (ignore the fact that there's never been a 4-month old child with a developed chest and a Barbie-sized waist); so the beads are not as large, and the necklaces not as long, as they appear to be in the photos.}

It does feel good to be finished with so large a project, but I have to admit that I'll be sad when these pretty colors leave my house to be shipped off to the bride. {Sigh.} Anyway, if you are or know a bride who's looking to do custom pieces for herself, her bridesmaids, mothers or hostesses, feel free to send me an email, and we'll chat.


  1. They are gorgeous! I understand the feeling. I have a basket full of all different kinds and colors of yarn and I am always sappy (sad and happy) to see them go.

  2. I'm bridal party piece #5. Love it!


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