V-Day Giveaway

To thank you all for being such devoted and lovely readers, I've planned a terrific giveaway just in time for Valentine's Day. This time, you get to choose which item you win, from six {edited: five} lovely options in my Etsy shop. All you have to do is be a follower of my blog and leave a comment by this Saturday, February 13th telling me if you plan to do anything special on V-Day. I'll collect and draw names on Saturday night, and will announce the winner on the 14th. Tell all your friends!

Here are the items you have the chance to win:

The Softhearted necklace.

The Coquette necklace. {Edited: I'm so sorry, friends, but the Coquette necklace sold on 2.12.10. But if you win, you still get to choose from the other five items!} The Trinket earrings. The Radiant necklace. The Write Me Up necklace.The Center of Attention earrings.

Good luck! I can't wait to hear from you all.


  1. I honestly forgot all about V-Day, but my husband didn't (suprisingly). We usually don't do gifts anyway. A package came the other day and he didn't do a good job of hiding it. Once he knew that I knew that there was a package he told me it was my V-day gift and let me open it! Massage rocks!! He dug deep for this one. He knows that the best massage I ever had was a hot rocks massage, so he plans on giving me one himself! I think this might be the best gift he's ever given me! Ashlee

  2. We are actually celebrating Valentine's weekend with 6 of our closest friends and we're going to Ruidoso for the weekend. We can't wait! Hope you and Nathan have a GREAT v-day! :)

  3. Last year we didn't get to do anything for Valentine's Day because my hubby was gone all Valentine's Weekend for a men's retreat. Honestly, it would have to be a man to schedule that because a woman surely wouldn't! Anyway, this year we've decided to buy ourselves something that we've both been wanting and can do together. He wants to go out to eat, but I want to stay in. So we'll see about that one.... haha.

  4. We don't have any particularly romantic plans for Valentine's Day, but still special. My husband and I will be celebrating with my parents since my Dad is returning from Haiti on the 14th. (He's been down there for 3.5 weeks doing relief work.) He's been eating MRE's (rehydrated military food) so we're going out for a nice dinner!

  5. I'll be relaxing on Valentine's Day because my boyfriend and I are actually going to the Heart Ball this weekend. He did send me tiger lilies today at work, though. :)

  6. Eric and I are having dinner at the Overton Hotel tonight, so we'll probably just relax on Valentine's Day. But we did decide to do something new this year and make cards for each other instead of buying them. I think it's become a contest to see who will make the best card. Probably not the right spirit, but still fun!

  7. My family and I plan to celebrate by working in the kitchen. Rolling out dough, licking the icing off spoons, cutting out heart shapes, accidentally getting flour on our faces, being creative, and enjoying each others company.
    Then, to spread our love and joy to others, we will give some of our goodies to friends and neighbors.
    After 'we spread the love', we will come home watch movies and eat our goodies.
    How about you?

  8. Nathan and I are going to stay home and just enjoy being together, which, if it was ever really about anything, is what I think Valentine's Day was about. I do plan to make Red Velvet cupcakes, though, which will be fun and special. We'll probably cuddle up on the couch with a movie or play a friendly game of Scrabble as well.
    (ps: I'm not trying to be sneaky and enter my own giveaway, but Memzie asked, so I answered. Thanks to all of you who are commenting! It makes my day.)

  9. Unfortunately, my boyfriend lives in California, and I am stuck in Tech because of midterms, so instead we mailed each other cute gifts with pictures, candy and other trinkets to remind us how much we care for each other. On Sunday, I will spent the day with a few of my close friends and eat cupcakes! Other than that, studying too for more exams (yuck!)

  10. Ricky and I voted on no gifts and no going crazy spending money. We are cooking dinner together at home and renting a couple of movies, just spending the day enjoying the company of the other. :)


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