This Is What I Want.

A pretty, functional place to work, where everything has a designated place to reside, but is also easily accessible.

Right now, my workspace is a large dining table inherited from my husband's grandmother which is both too big and too tall to be a useful or comfortable place to multitask. My sewing machine sits on the backside, unreachable from the front, and my jewelry supplies eat up one whole side so that I'd have to move everything completely to be able to sew. What I really need is two smaller, dedicated surfaces specifically designed to do what they're supposed to do -- i.e., a jewelry bench and a sewing table. Livy found hers (above) on craigslist, then painted it a gorgeous soft aqua very close to the beautiful color I blogged about here.

Her little craft closet is a really tiny space (mine is too -- just a corner of a multipurpose room that also houses our computer and music collection), but she's organized it so effectively that it's perfect for all kinds of craftiness. The sewing table doubles as a flat work surface, and all of her tools and supplies are up on shelves and pegboards.

I'm going to spend some time thinking about how I could make my space both more suited to what I need and also do it inexpensively. At any rate, something has got to be done. Suggestions anyone?

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