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Was one of the busiest days ever. But my sweet husband took me out for a quick lunch, and then made some time in his busy homework schedule this evening to spend time with me after my crappy day.

Our weekend, though, was mostly lovely. I did lots of housework on Saturday, which wasn't in itself much fun, but then I always feel so much better about myself and life in general when the house is (relatively) clean and I've been extra-productive.

Then on Sunday, we went to see Bright Star, which I highly recommend for those of you, like me, who feel like you're living out of place in time, and that you really should be back in Georgian England wearing Empire-waisted gowns and using words like "drawing room" and "phaeton and ponies" in daily conversation. It was just so incredibly beautiful. That doesn't go very far, I realize, in describing to you what kind of effect it had on me (I'm particularly susceptible to beautiful things -- exhibit A, my handsome husband), but I don't have many other words. Poignant, maybe. And bittersweet. And true. And inspiring. But mostly, so beautiful. If that kind of thing is your kind of thing, you must go and see it.

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