DIY Thursday: Pretty Fabric Flowers

I love this idea, and I think it's so beautiful done with this simple natural linen. I've given you an abbreviated tutorial in photos, but the full DIY project is here, with more pictures and instructions in words. I'm seriously considering trying this on a smaller scale with some colored fabric, and using them in some new jewelry pieces! But you could also use them on a headband, on a belt, as a pin on your favorite cardigan, or to make a pretty garland for a party, kind of like this one.

(All photos by Alexis Albright Meschi, found on My Mama Made It, via blue moss. And check out Alexis' lovely Etsy shop, as well!)


  1. Yep! I love that blog; I can't wait for a good amount of free time to try out some of her tutorials! And the first one... the flower pins! LOVE THEM! :D

  2. You should make something like this http://www.shopruche.com/chiffon-blooms-ribbon-necklace-p-712.html ! I am going to try to recreate it if I ever make it to the fabric store.


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