Etsy Treasure Tuesday: 3 Lambs Graphics (GIVEAWAY!)

Today, I am so happy to present to all of your our featured Etsy shop this week: 3 Lambs Graphics. Amy of 3 Lambs comes up with some of the most charming and creative graphic prints incorporating humorous and/or heart-warming sayings. My friend Jill first attracted my notice to 3 Lambs when she sent me a link to a print called "I Believe in Pink," which of course couldn't be more true or apropos for me. I wrote Amy, told her that I loved her work, and she graciously agreed to give one of my lucky readers a 5x7 print of "I Believe in Pink" for this week's feature! (I am so jealous of the lucky winner, whoever you may be.)

Here's how it works: visit 3 Lambs Graphics on Etsy, and leave a comment on this post mentioning which of Amy's designs is your favorite, and I'll enter your name to win! Giveaway ends at 10:00pm this Friday night (the 30th), and a winner will be drawn on Saturday. Tell all your friends!
This is the lovely you'll be sent if you win!

But it's definitely not my only favorite in the 3 Lambs shop. There are so many beauties that when I tried to develop a plan for where I would put them all, I ran out of hypothetical wall space. For the purposes of this post, however, I'll confine myself to the following seven.

A beautiful limited edition print entitled "Antique Birdcages," in some of my very favorite colors.

A fun print for anyone, especially those of us who still haven't decided exactly what it is we want to be:

I'm terrifically fond of this one, as Boston is where Nate and I spent our honeymoon.

Something cheeky, featuring Marie Antoinette:

Amy has several "Keep Calm" prints, each with a different funny or ironic saying (and some of them referencing Harry Potter!). This one's my favorite, in a calm and very British grey.

And I think this one's so cute. (My friends and I had a Ten Best Tattoo Ideas list going several years ago, and "I {anatomical ♥} Organ Donors" made it into the top two.)

But I think out of them all, this one would be the one I'd pick if I could only choose one. It combines pink, brown, birds, and a sweet sentiment; does it get better than that?

I know that's seven, but I just couldn't leave this one off of the list. It's too great. And I'd like to tape it up on all of the doors and windows at Tech. It needs to be said. Really.

Remember, the giveaway ends this Friday. Leave your comment (and an email address at which I can reach you) to enter! Good luck, friends!

(All images by Amy of 3 Lambs Graphics.)


  1. My favorite is "A Mother's Love" pie print. So sweet!

  2. favorite is definitely the Marie Antoinette!


  3. I like "Love is in the Air" and I really can't pass up "Keep calm and conjure a Patronus Charm."


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