DIY Thursday: Velvet Ribbon Belt

I pulled today's DIY project from the Martha Stewart Crafts page. I love the idea of being able to make my own simple velvet belt in whatever color I want to match any outfit. I have quite a few cardigans, most of them in neutrals, and am really liking the layered, belted sweater trend for fall and winter. Here are the instructions:

Add a luxurious touch to any winter outfit with a belt of velvet ribbon. Cut 2 1/2 yards of natural-fiber velvet ribbon. Slip two D rings slightly wider than the ribbon onto one end, and fold both ends of the ribbon in toward the midpoint, fuzzy side out, keeping the D rings at one folded end. Remove backing from a 1 1/4-yard piece of iron-on fuse tape, and sandwich it between the layers; place scrap velvet facedown on top, and iron on the cotton setting to fuse the layers.

That's it! And cut to size if necessary. I found some very well-priced velvet ribbons in over 60 different colors in a lovely 2" width at M&J Trimming. They also have some nicer buckles to choose from. You may see me wearing some pretty new handmade belts this winter!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Last year I saw this from Martha & wanted to make them as Christmas gifts but never did. I'm determined to make them this year.


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