Little Letters

Dear Lubbock Autumn,
You were nice while you lasted. Goodbye again until next year.

Dear cozy pink scarf,
I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Dear Audrey Hepburn,
You were charming in "Love in the Afternoon." Can I please borrow that fabulous ivory empire-waisted tea length double-breasted coat? I think I'll really need it this winter.

Dear Pop,
Thank you for drilling holes in my jewelry bits. This means you get to take credit (again) for my having two working eyes and all of my fingers.

Dear TTU English Department,
Could you please give my husband a break? Really. It's my turn to commandeer his time now.

Dear Rosa's,
I respectfully ask you to reconsider the disproportionate amount of salsa you provide with a bag of take-out chips the size of Alaska. It's not that I require a cup of salsa also the size of Alaska; but maybe something in between Wyoming and Nevada.

Dear Swine Flu,
Apparently I'm supposed to cower in fear. Even your arch-enemy, alcohol hand sanitizer, says so. But I'm not afraid of you. I've got Vitamins D, C, and B-12 on my side. So there.

Dear Belgium,
Man, those waffles were a really great idea. My thanks.

Dear Bub (aka SeƱor Irwin),
If you continue to wear that silly nametag, you'll completely lose all your street cred. Take my advice on this one.

Dear pink street readers,
I've been planning a happy surprise for you! Tomorrow, I'm offering a giveaway in conjuction with our Etsy Treasure Tuesday Seller! I'm so excited, and you will be too!

(photo by saipua.)


  1. Dear Sarah,
    I remember the first time I saw you and you had all your fingers and I could see that both your eyes worked. I'm still amazed! Pop


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