Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Blue Serendipity

The beautiful Blue Serendipity Etsy shop is run by my lovely new friend Jill from Ireland. She does absolutely beautiful work and her designs are really wonderful. (I wish I'd thought of many of them myself.) Here are some of my favorites.

Jill's creativity is not only demonstrated by her jewelry, but also by her banner, which she designed herself after being inspired by a beautiful photo of a Blue Morpho butterfly in National Geographic. She told me something really interesting about the Blue Morpho which I didn't already know: "Blue Morpho wings were used quite a lot in Victorian jewelery back in the day. They used to snip out little pieces of the wings and set them in silver under glass to make brooches." Isn't that cool? If you convo Jill on Etsy, she probably has a lot of other fascinating jewelry history she can share with you. So everyone should go visit Jill's Etsy shop, see more of her gorgeous items, and ask her about Victorian mourning brooches.

(All images taken from Blue Serendipity; photos by Jill C.)

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  1. Hey! That whole entry was about me?!
    How did I miss that? I haven't checked your blog in about a week and when I do, I see all these familiar photos! Thank you so much!! You're the best! x


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