DIY Thursday: Braided Headband

This is such a very adorable headband, and such a wonderfully easy DIY, that I think we're all especially lucky that today is Thursday. (Sidenote: I'm having to remind myself that there are, indeed, beautiful things in the world today, because all I see outside is sheets of rain pouring out of a very dark sky, on top of which the wind is blowing things so horribly about that by noon nothing's going to be the same shape it was at 8:00 this morning. To make matters worse, the campus where I work turns into the city's only lake anytime it rains for more than 15 consecutive minutes. End of sidenote.)

Moving on, our fabulous project today comes from one of the sweetest, loveliest, craftiest bloggers I've come across, the wonderful RubyEllen of cakies. I'll paste in most of her photos for the tutorial here, but you'll have to see her original post to get all of the details and complete instructions. I hope that you do hop over to her blog, because it's so full of kindness and pretty things that it will brighten your day right up, even if, like here, it looks like the middle of the night in a squall on the Atlantic.

(All images by RubyEllen of cakies, and pulled from her headband tutorial post here.)


  1. Cute cute! I want to try that out, it does look very easy and fun :).

  2. Sarah dear,
    That horrible little squall transformed into a day off for me. Yea!!

    We should get together and make these. It seems so easy that even I could pull it off...with your help, of course. Maybe this weekend sometime?


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