Weekend Recap & Reflections (in random order)

1. Although I put it off (sometimes, for an entire year), I realized last night that polishing my silver actually makes me happy. It looks so beautiful when you wipe away the dark tarnish and reveal the shiny, suprising beauty underneath. I think antique silver can teach us a lot about aging gracefully (and also about wearing sunscreen?).

2. You know you are out of shape when squatting for five minutes to look at the scrapbook papers on the bottom row makes your legs sore. Sheesh. I'm getting old, but I'm not that old.

3. I do not like going to the grocery store on Sunday afternoons. People are crazy. Everyone but me is crazy.

4. I am so excited about a birthday surprise I'm concocting for my husband. Will share details next week, after the surprise has been revealed to the birthday boy.

5. I am now an expert at painting shutters. And I hope to show you photos soon of our charming little blue house with its new shutters up!

6. The new 2-story Barnes & Noble is a zoo. And an amusement park. And apparently, the newly-designated hangout place for all teenagers within a 50-mile radius. Sheesh, what happened to selling books?

7. I watched two Rogers and Astaire movies Friday night, back to back. I am now seriously considering taking up tap, and have decided that I want to be Ginger Rogers. My husband stubbornly asserts that he's glad I'm me and not Ginger Rogers, but he didn't watch those movies with me -- how can he know the extent of the wonderfulness I'm talking about here?

8. Made some lovely enchiladas with homemade red sauce for dinner last night. Yummmm.

9. My sweet husband took me to Krispy Kreme yesterday for breakfast. I love Sunday mornings.

10. Put together some plans for handmade Christmas gifts, which are my favorite anyway. I do always have trouble coming up with things for the men in my family, so if any of you have seen any great guy-appropriate DIY or gift ideas, please let me know!

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  1. I completely agree about the new B&N. Although I love it and was one of the crazies there the day it opened... it's a complete mad house. I'm hoping it settles down after the holidays as I do not like the fact that it's a social networking breeding ground. Grr...

    Oh and I don't shop anymore on Sunday afternoons. Everyone but you and I are crazy. :)


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