Favorite Things Friday: Art Trail!

I want to extend an invitation to all of you -- at least all of you who live nearby -- to come and visit me tonight at the First Friday Art Trail. I'll be hanging out at Alderson Mercedes on 17th & Texas from 6:00 to 9:00pm, and I have so many beautiful new things to which I'd love to introduce you. I can't wait, and I hope I'll get to chat with all of you there.

Aaaaannd . . . check out the new items recently listed in my Etsy shop. They're scattered about, as I've color-coordinated the shop a little to make it prettier. Let me know what you think. More silver? Less pink? Chunkier pieces?

And a sparkly new addition to the pink street Bridal Line.


  1. My boyfriend was telling me about all of the places he went during the art trail and he mentioned he stopped by alderson. I asked if he saw a cute girl named sarah selling jewelry and he didn't remember (probably because he had too much wine, haha). :(. I can't wait to go by when my internship is done!

  2. How funny, Tara! I imagine, though, that the guys who wander in without female companions are probably busier looking at the showroom cars than at the stuff on display at my table, so I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't notice, wine or no wine. It was a crazy night -- I needed a glass of wine myself afterward.


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