Weekend Crafting

I was so excited to get home Friday afternoon and find that I'd received these from Pretty Tape:

(you can't quite tell it in the photo, but there's a lace pattern on the left one, and a cute little repeating bow pattern on the right.)

I was so excited that naturally, I spent the entire evening playing with my new pretties, and I came up with these, which I'll send out (starting today) with every pink street order, both in my shop and given to Art Trail customers. Aren't they the most fantastic little discount coupons you've ever seen! (I don't mean that in a braggy type of way, just in a "I'm really pleased overall with how they turned out" type of way.)

I found those terrific wood veneer business cards at Lee Valley Tool Supply Co., and purchased enough to last for a while. I rounded the corners on mine for more of a custom look, then added the tape strips and stamps in white, gold, and brown, plus a handwritten discount line and drawn-in stitch marks with my trusty pink pen.
I can think of so many other really cute things you could do with them; like make darling place cards like the ones below. (See the tuturial at scissor variations for complete instructions.)

So what wonderful things would you do with them?

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  1. Too cute Sarah, I love the bird business cards :)


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