Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Parsimony

I've been a fan of Parsimony's lovely tunic-style dresses for quite a long time, even before I got to see some of them in person last April at the Funky Finds Spring Fling in Fort Worth. They had some gorgeous dresses in lustrous silks and soft cottons there -- original designs, hand-sewn -- that I really wanted to take home with me. But instead, I content myself with occasionally drooling over the charming offerings in the Parsimony Etsy shop. And the bonus: they're from Austin; hooray for Texas artists!

I think my favorite of all is the Team Spirit dress in that beautiful sea green. And with a cute belt, oh dear.

(All images by Parsimony, culled from the Etsy shop.)

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  1. I love our dresses. They look so colorful and fabulous. Great photos!!!


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