This weekend and always, I was/am thankful for many things:

-- My wonderful husband, who makes me happier than I ever thought possible.
-- My lovely family and family-in-law, which is not even the least little bit disharmonious at holiday gatherings.
-- Our happy little blue house, whose walls are thin and poorly-insulated, but which still manages to keep us warm when it's cold out.
-- The smell of smoke drifting out of chimneys and floating around the neighborhood (thanks to those lucky people with fireplaces).
-- Our favorite TV show back-seasons, which Netflix makes it possible for us to enjoy when we're two years behind.
-- Sufjan Stevens, Bing Crosby, and Elvis at Christmas.
-- A stable job in which I get to interact with a fantastic group of academically-motivated students on a daily basis.
-- Homemade breakfasts on sleepy weekend mornings.
-- Impulsive "order in pizza for supper" nights.
-- Festive holiday spirit, and warm apple cider.
-- Every new day I'm given.

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