Favorite Things Friday: Plate Wall

I love the idea of this freeflowing plate wall as quirky decor, and if I had a kitchen with any extra wall space (mine's completely covered in cabinetry), I'd certainly already have one, or at least the beginnings of one, already up. But my lack of usable wall space won't keep me from dreaming and planning for future glories.
Any overview of plate walls has to begin, of course, with the semi-famous Lisa Congdon installation which spawned so many imitations:
I found these pretties on flickr:

(photo credit: Laura Hartrich)

(photo credit: jowrites365)

(photo credit: reesedixon)

And the following are from the Domino Magazine Archive files, found via automatism.

I have a "tray wall" in my dining room -- a small patch of space where I've hung some of the vintage tole trays I've collected. I like it, and would like to enlarge my collection further. But I would really love to do something free and colorful and asymmetrical with plates of all shapes and sizes. I'm thinking I need a bigger kitchen.

Happy Friday all! Please come back next week, when I have another beautiful Etsy shop to showcase, and a pink street jewelry giveaway in honor of my 200th post! Tell all your friends!

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  1. how are these hung?? i love that no hanging apparatus is visible!


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