DIY Thursday: Fabric Pumpkins

After seeing this photo on flickr (taken by indierocket) of the absolutely gorgeous fabric pumpkins for sale at ink + peat in Portland, Danielle Thompson of Thompson Family Life decided to make her own. And the photos she took of her own fabric pumpkin creations blew me away. Just in time for Thanksgiving, everyone! Grab your scraps and craft away! I certainly intend to.

A full and wonderfully detailed tutorial can be found here, on Danielle Thompson's blog, which is full of colorful, retro, kitch and kind-hearted loveliness. Those of you who are hard-core scrapbookers know Danielle's name already, I'm sure, but this shall serve as an introduction to her for those of you who aren't. I hope you spend some time browsing her blog, and then hop over to her charming Etsy shop, Tiny Bazaar, to see more of her photography and creative design genius.

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