Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Claire LaFaye

I saw one of Claire LaFaye's beautiful creations one day many months ago on the Etsy front page -- they regularly make an appearance there. I seriously doubt that I could pull any of them off: although I love love love lace and ruffles, I'm not sure I'm quite self-confident enough for all those lovely frills and pearls. But still there's something so magical about them that makes you wonder if you'd slip on one of those beautiful silk tops on and actually become Cinderella. It would be like playing dress-up when you were five again. And that seems wonderful.

(All images by Claire LaFaye; all items above found in her Etsy shop.)

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  1. Oh, I think you could pull it off. Or maybe one of the vintage dresses you posted about a few days ago. I could see you "twirling" around in one of those!


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