Little Letters (Birthday Edition)

Dear Fall,
You got here just in time! Welcome to Lubbock! Please stay for more than 6 days this year. Please.

Dear Red Velvet cake,
I'm sure you know that you're especially tasty as a breakfast food. Mmmmmmm.

Dear Everyone who made my pink street Birthday Sale a success yesterday,
You guys are great! Thanks a heap!

Could you please, please, please stop tearing up the major roads on three sides of our house? Be honest, now, is that really entirely necessary? ... Yes, I thought not.

Dear Daddy,
Thank you for calling to sing Happy Birthday to me yesterday morning at 7:56am. It made me miss the days when I slept with a stuffed bear. And the days when I don't have to go to work and I should be sleeping until 9:30am.

Dear Abuelos,
Thank you for the lovely birthday dinner last night. The Sangria was delicious and the Tres Leches cake divine.

Dear Bret and Jemaine,
I'm looking forward to a glorious reunion this weekend. And every weekend after, because thanks to my sweet husband, you belong to me now.

Dear Husband,
Thank you for everything. It's hard to believe that you could treat me more like a princess than you do on every normal day, but you succeed in constantly surprising me. You're wonderful.

Dear Birthday,
I'm sad that I won't see you again for another 364 days. You were nice, but all you've left me with is another unnecessary year on my hands. ... {Sigh.} The glow is fading.

Dear Friends and Family who have teased me about getting old,
You'll always be older than me. You know who you are.

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  1. Dear Sarah,
    I'm so glad you're eating cake for breakfast and that your etsy sale was a success. And you DON'T actually have to wait 364 more days for your next celebration, as the real celebration begins tomorrow. :)

    Oh, and though I'm feeling quite a bit older this year than I did at this time a year ago, I, my friend, will never be old as you.


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