How To Make Pink Street More Visible

I have something very exciting to announce today, my friends. I've now officially entered the world of web advertising. This is something I've been kicking around for a very long time, alternating between being afraid to actually take the step and do it, and being afraid that it might create a situation I don't know how to handle (i.e., too many sales -- is that possible?).

But several months ago, I came upon the lovely automatism blog run by Lori L., and have been a follower ever since. Then last month, I happened to get a little more curious, and clicked on the link on her page offering more information on being an automatism sponsor. I made a spontaneous and somewhat out of character decision to email her about it, and she was so kind and understanding of my cluelessness and indecision, that I was prepossessed in favor of the idea despite my cluelessness and indecision. Plus, although this is the first time I've ever considered it seriously, I have looked around some at advertising rates on various design blogs, and Lori's rates are by far the most reasonable I've ever seen, and she doesn't require a contract -- just renewal month to month of my ad if I so choose. So I thought, what have I got to lose?

And this weekend, Nate and I sat down and created a beautiful blinking ad full of actual photos I've taken of some of my new items, and half an hour after I'd emailed it to Lori last night, she had it uploaded on her blog! How wonderful is that!

So please do stop by today and see my lovely little ad on automatism for yourself. Stay awhile and look around, because the blog is truly lovely, and there are all kinds of beautiful images, thoughts, and ideas to be found there.

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