Favorite Things Friday: Fall

I can feel it coming, and I'm so excited. Fall is my favorite season, and we appreciate it more here because it lasts only 6½ days. I have written a haiku in tribute:
Autumn is crispness,
changing light, dahlias, new starts.
Autumn is golden.

Here are some photos that evoke autumn for me.
From our engagement photo session, three years ago in October.

Wedding bouquets with beautiful heritage hydrangea and drying oak (from saipua).

My new Dresden necklace, shining and golden, shot at the end of a fall afternoon.

What's your favorite part of fall?


  1. I'm finally going to see trees change colors this year! And I'm not talking green to brown. Some trees already have bright red leaves splashed throughout them!

  2. My favorite part is my daughter's birthday on Sept. 22! Fall is my very favorite season too!

  3. What a coincidence: my favorite part of fall is your daughter's birthday on September 22nd too!


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