DIY Thursday: Tiered Lazy Susan

I stumbled upon this great DIY project by Cathe Holden a couple of days ago over on her blog, Just Something I Made. She found a great vintage three tiered tea table, and turned it into a table-top lazy susan! I absolutely love this idea, and I can see myself using a similar piece to store my beads an craft supplies, just as she's done. Here are the photos showing the steps she took in the process, but you really must check out her explanation on her wonderful blog (where there are lots of free downloads and graphic freebies too!).

Isn't that so great! I love the collection of vintage glasswear that holds all of her bits and pieces. I think something like this would make my crafting table more organized and prettier!


  1. That saw scared me at first but the result is just perfect!

  2. This is awesome. Could also be done with platters of diff. sizes and candle sticks to create the same effect. Would be great for makeup stand or jewelry organizer too


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